Rangers given incredible Champions League group

Rangers given incredible Champions League group
PSV Eindhoven's Dutch midfielder Joey Veerman (CL) fights for the ball with Ajax's Nigerian defender Calvin Bassey during the 26th Johan Cruijff Shield match between PSV Eindhoven and Ajax Amsterdam during the Dutch Super Cup at the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam, on July 30, 2022. - - Netherlands OUT (Photo by Olaf Kraak / ANP / AFP) / Netherlands OUT (Photo by OLAF KRAAK/ANP/AFP via Getty Images)

So, while we said earlier on that it didn’t matter who we got in the Champions League draw (which ultimately it didn’t), what we ended up with is a draw that has pleased everyone. There are a host of subplots with this draw and in many ways, the football Gods were looking down on us.


Of course it had to be Ajax. Of course it had to be an immediate reunion with old boy Calvin Bassey, and the trick here is no team knows Bassey better than we do. We made the lad and we can exploit that! But it was clearly fate that brought him straight back home only literal weeks after leaving.

There is also the PSV angle – we can’t stand them, the Eindhoven side, and their behaviour was extremely poor in Holland. Their manager, not so bad in Glasgow, with kind words about our fans and club, but back home, not so good. And their fans were awful not to mention Veerman.

Ajax and they are bitter rivals – they’re the historic top two in Holland and we’ve only ever had a good relationship with our cousins from Amsterdam. And indeed Feyenoord. So being paired with Ajax is a kind of meeting of old friends.


Well, the football Gods were having an absolute laugh with this one. Not only is it the first-ever competitive meeting between Rangers and Liverpool in history, not only that, but it’s the first proper Battle of Britain at this level in a very long time. And of course, there’s the Klopp angle with the Kent stuff, and the small matter of a former Liverpool player who once coached us… and the defender we just signed from them… this one is just tingling with subplots.


Ok this one has less intrigue attached – this is a club we have no real connection to, unless our valued readers can remind us. We’re sure there might be a player connection in the distant past but aside that, there’s nothing. But they are a solid, solid team. They’ve been a top 3 team in Italy, give or take, for the past decade. They sort of replaced AC Milan in the Champions League alongside Atalanta, so they know this level well. Our old Rino did manage them for a while once, but that’s about the biggest thing we have. Still, tough side alright.

It’s a fascinating group, and we’ll be intrigued to see how these sides fare at Ibrox. We have nothing to lose, and our club will go for it. Why the hell not.

Bring them on.

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  1. Now this is undoubtedly TOP CLASS teams we are playing ,can’t wait absolutely love it ,still in Dreamland to see our club back mixing with THE big boys .There is no reason we cannot win home games at and electric bouncing Ibrox ….BRING IT ON YAAAAAASSSS!!!!

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