Price for Calvin Bassey sale officially confirmed

Price for Calvin Bassey sale officially confirmed
Bassey unveiled at Ajax (Credit Ajax FC)

Ajax have today confirmed not only the signing of Calvin Bassey, but the true value too.

The Dutch giants revealed the initial cost is £19.5M, and that will rise to £22.5M with addons, but no confirmation at all about a 10% sell on fee.

Meaning, unfortunately, it is possible the final amount for a player worth around £35M is just £22.5M.

We do not know if sell ons are included as officially announcements, but if they are, there isn’t one here, and the total Bassey has gone for is £22.5M.

We suspect Rangers didn’t realise Ajax would announce the price to the exact Euro, because our club has always been extremely private about transfer fees, but the Dutch side did, and now we know.

We really hope there is a 10% sell on here, because if he does well he will go for big money a couple of years down the line, but otherwise £22.5M is the final number.

It’s not a bad profit on £250,000 of course, not bad at all.

But it could have been notably better.

It is what it is.

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  1. We need to be very grateful for Gerrard , Beale, Ross Wilson for getting that lad. He ended up being amazing and delivered for the Famous . I wish him all the very best , nice lad very mannerable and polite too.

  2. The Ajax Technical Director has today said that he thinks Rangers will make good money on a future sale. It seems to be 10% of any figure above the initial fee. So if they sell for double what they paid we stand to make around £2m. So that would still keep the deal just under £25m. I still think we underplayed our hand here.

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