Rangers beat Doncaster as cinch pull out

Rangers beat Doncaster as cinch pull out
Really should be a bit more sensible with some of these deals....

Rangers have effectively won the club’s year-long dispute with the SPFL over cinch’s sponsorship of the Premiership after CO Neil Doncaster confirmed a revised deal with the car retailer has been secured which excludes Rangers completely.

Claiming the new deal is financially the same as the old one (we have our doubts), Doncaster suggested the contract was as before but now legally does not require Rangers’ participation.

Overall, this means Rangers’ litigation through the courts against the league’s governing body has succeeded in its aims and cinch no longer expect their regalia at Ibrox and the SPFL have altered the contract to reflect this.

What does this mean?

It means Douglas Park’s interests have won before the club’s, primarily. We have no qualms about repeating that, that the chairman’s own business interests have won the day over the interests of the club for whom he is mere custodian.

That equally said, the cinch deal is absolutely rotten, working out at around £37,000 per club per season, despite Doncaster’s sexy-sounding £28M claims. As we discussed earlier, Tottenham got more a year just for gluing cinch to their sleeve.

It’s a bad deal, and while Rangers’ reasons for rejecting it are based on Park’s own wallet and conflicts of interests, we don’t actually object to Rangers as a whole staying out of it.

SPFL sold the league utterly short, and cinch by far benefit the most.

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  1. Doncaster is a complete turnip ,look at the deals bisgrove does for rangers and deals he does for WHOLE of scottish football ,I dont know how he is still in a job TBH .
    37000 PER CLUB AND 2.3 MILLION for the mighty gers on a tv deal JOKE .

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