£10M Spurs deal as Rangers resist SPFL insult

£10M Spurs deal as Rangers resist SPFL insult
Will he come in and help....

While it is true that Rangers’ chairman Douglas Park owns a car dealership and sees the cinch sponsorship as a rival and competition, there’s also a genuinely noble and honourable aspect to Rangers’ dispute with the SPFL over the league’s brand backer.

Tottenham Hotspur, who Rangers will play in a friendly this summer, have a cinch deal as well. A sleeve sponsorship, yes, sleeve, for a reported £10M a year.

So, the cinch logo has been on their sleeve, just their sleeve, for around £40M-£50M total in a 3-5 year deal.

Meanwhile, at the SPFL, the cinch deal?

£1.6M a year for 42 clubs with branding plastered all over every stadium, advertising hoarding you name it.

That’s £10M for a sleeve or £1.6M for your whole country.

If anything indicates how poor a deal the SPFL got here that’s it.

Now, yes, we’re well aware the SPL doesn’t have anything like the same pull and money in it as the PL, but come on – a 42 team league with two goliath sides in it getting a ridiculous £1.6M per year and having to have that branding all over the stadium, shirts, hoardings, while Spurs can demand well over 5 times that just for their sleeve?

Is there any wonder Rangers want no part of this.

We accept the numbers will never be as good as the PL, but that’s a gross insult and does nothing to promote the Scottish game at all.

And that’s that.

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  1. I agree the Scottish football authorities are a joke
    However outside of Scotland no one cares or is interested in Scottish football.
    The old firm are big clubs but only in Scotland, the likes of Brentford and Brighton generate more Interest on the world football stage
    World football has changed, history counts for nothing, it’s all about the money your club generates

    • There is a perception, perpetuated by Scots, that no one cares about Scottish football but Scotland itself takes a big interest and bring millions into the Sky coffers. If we could sell the Old Firm Fixtures separately we’d probably make a lot more than the current deal involving the whole of Scotland. We constantly sell ourselves short and these chancers think the are bringing big money into Scottish football but they are failing at every turn.
      The EPL is one big con. Sure there are big matches but there is lot of dross as well. I mean how many really want to watch Brighton v Crystal Palace or Burnley v Norwich on a Monday night?

  2. The spfl governing body are a disgrace the have robbed scottish football of Millions bye signing to Sky and Cinch.

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