Park Rangers row with SPFL escalates amidst letter

Park Rangers row with SPFL escalates amidst letter
We're not in favour of using Rangers for these reasons....

The SPFL v Rangers Cinch row escalated today as SPFL chairman Murdoch McLennan wrote to SPL clubs to object to Rangers’ boycott of the league’s new sponsor.

McLennan was very disappointed Rangers rejected Cinch marketing at Ibrox and explained the situation to other member clubs.

1: We have huge respect for Douglas Park, he’s the finest chairman we’ve had for decades.

2: We can’t stand McLennan or the SPFL or indeed Neil Doncaster.

And so it’s with complete neutrality that we have to admit that, unless there’s something we don’t know, McLennan is absolutely correct to slaughter Rangers on this one.

Douglas Park of course runs his own car dealership, BMW, and Cinch is a rival that produces ‘cars without the faff’, apparently.

Park’s own business interests are COMPLETELY irrelevant to Rangers, and his banning Cinch from Ibrox is just simply petty. Park has already got the buses at Ibrox, so it’s not like we’re hurting his revenue.

Keeping Cinch branding away from our stadium because our chairman has a rival company is actually kind of pathetic.

We cannot stand the SPFL and its cronies any more than you can, but we are in this league and we have to like and lump it for now. Hiding Cinch from Ibrox in order to preserve our chairman’s business interests is not something we can endorse at all.

Our chairman, who has been magnificent in his role, needs to get over himself on this one and just accept the branding.

Otherwise there’s every chance the club will be fined SPL winners’ prize money this season in recrimination.

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  1. it has nothing to do with Parks Motor group. The revenue from cinch works out at about 40k per game and they want a shirt sleeve sponsor, stadium adverts and a motm award. Rangers already offer shirt sleeve sponsors and adverts in the stadium and you can bet it costs a hell of a lot more then 40k! so by doing what cinch and spfl want they are taking away advertising from pre existing contracts made before cinch made a deal with spfl and the rules state that if the advertising directly affects pre existing deals then they don’t need to do it. do some research before slating Park and the club.

    • Alan, the deal is three times bigger than any deal the SPL has ever made, and the three things they want are no different to previous seasons? Ladbrokes were the same for £400,000 but we had no issue honouring them? You’re right we’re using a loophole, but we’re less sure about the reasons you suggest….

  2. I agree we need to unfortunately follow the rules , it stinks as they had bugger all last season . The TV deal is slash . Unfortunately we have to follow the shitty SPFL rules , when it suits them . But Rangers will decide how and when Fuck Em .

  3. After the last ten years I can honestly say that I think we owe the SPFL the thick end of SFA. They and their tuppence ha’penny last minute deal can go hang, redistribute it amongst the other clubs,we will do what we always do – triumph despite them!! They have proven time after time they are not fit to run a menagerie so sod them.

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