McCrorie gives up at Rangers as move to Utd looms

McCrorie gives up at Rangers as move to Utd looms
DOETINCHEM, NETHERLANDS - SEPTEMBER 11: Goalkeeper, Robby McCrorie of Scotland in action during the UEFA European Under-21 Championship group 4 qualifying match between Netherlands and Scotland at Stadion De Vijverberg on September 11, 2018 in Doetinchem, Netherlands. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

The news Robby McCrorie has given up at Ibrox is no surprise – mainly because we kind of reported it to you some days ago.

But latest claims from the media suggest his exit is imminent and that the interest from Man Utd is real amid an extension being rejected.

We have to laugh at some of the fan responses to this, demanding that he should be our number one – Ibrox Noise spouted this same view a month ago to utter derision telling us he wasn’t good enough or ready and of course you all wanted Jon McLaughlin in goal.

Now the majority, on seeing the best talent at Ibrox in goals ready to quit, likely for Man Utd, change their mind, dump McLaughlin and want McCrorie in.

Again, you’ll read this thinking ‘didn’t know anyone who wanted McLaughlin in, McCrorie was always the one’ but please remember Ibrox Noise is at the centre of thousands, hundreds of thousands of opinions pretty much daily and we see what the majority think.

And McLaughlin was 100% your favoured choice.

McCrorie was ours in terms of current goalies, but we strongly advocated a new signing as well.

Siegrist being a strong choice we favoured, but that’s another one dismissed some months ago but the moment he signed for Celtic you all wanted him!

Anyway, McCrorie’s had enough of it all.

He doesn’t seem to be in Gio’s plans, and that’s pretty much that.

We wish him the best if he does move on, and only wish he’d been given a chance at Ibrox.

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  1. Ive always advocated for youth to get a chance. Ive said loads of times on here that hes due a proper shot. Hes went away to livvy got votal exp, came came back still never got a shot, prob thought he would now battle it out with John Mcg, and still hes 3rd choice in his mid twentys. I dont blame him for being fed up now. I thought we were giving our youth a clear pathway to first team. Apart from Patterson, what youth player has actually had an extended run and chance ? McCrorie isnt even classed as youth anymore hes an adult amd half way through his career and still 3rd choice.

  2. Shame to lose what will be the future Scotland keeper for nothing . Lots of talk of leavings but only got 5,6 days to get players in for q cl

  3. McGregor was 24 when he established himself in the side. McCrorie is 25 now and it would seem (unless Gio has other plans for him that the press aren’t aware of) that he’s as far away from the number 1 spot as he’s always been. Shame as I really rate the lad. However, If he’s never going to be classed as more than back up he might as well pick up an EPL wage for doing so.

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