Rangers must win on Sunday, but what if they don’t?

Rangers must win on Sunday, but what if they don’t?
Rangers manager Philippe Clement barking orders at Ibrox (Credit Rangers FC)

While data-driven analysis isn’t definitive, and can be upended by changing circumstances, it is generally very reliable and based on facts.

An example of the former were the ‘super computers’ predicting at the start of the season a torrential title win for Celtic, which then saw a complete sea-change as Philippe Clement started having an impact at Rangers.

We’ve not seen too many of these super computer stories since then, in fact, very few since Clement changed the picture…

But back to reality, and the data from the day Clement took over.

It’s really very simple – if the season had started on October 20th, and Hibs had been Rangers’ opening match of the season, Rangers would be carrying a 6-point lead into Sunday’s match, WITH the Dundee game in hand as well.

Clement has completely outperformed Brendan Rodgers in every sense apart from December’s Old Firm, and despite Clement dropping 7 points since his debut, Rodgers has dropped many more.

Which is why we don’t hold as much court with Sunday’s result as many might.

The data from Clement’s arrival shows he outperforms Rodgers the season round, the results overall, and losing or drawing on Sunday, not that we advocate it, doesn’t spell the end.

For example, after losing to Celtic, Rangers remain ahead of them regardless – 7 points clear with Celtic having a game in hand themselves due to how the fixtures tally up.

It means we bounce back and still get the results anyway.

This is not to promote losing, we want to beat that lot at home, absolutely.

But we have the insurance policy under Clement that failing to do so doesn’t mean the end of 56.

It’ll feel like it at the time, it will be meltdown including by Ibrox Noise we’re sure. We’ll always have a complete canary if we don’t beat Celtic or lose to them, it’s a fundamental of being a Rangers fan.

We never, ever want to lose to Celtic.

But the data suggests Clement has impacted so much that over the piece, he should still bring the title home regardless of Sunday’s result.

But that said, a win on Sunday remains critical, for Clement’s credibility in a way – his two big blots were the draw at Pittodrie and the loss at Parkhead.

Rangers managers and squads are judged v Celtic. It’s time to prove themselves.

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