Rangers’ Scott Wright ought to be more careful with his words

Rangers’ Scott Wright ought to be more careful with his words
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 02: Scott Wright of Rangers in action during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Celtic FC at Ibrox Stadium on January 02, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Once again, yet another Old Firm build up sees yet another Rangers player bumping his gums with ‘confidence’ talk, following a long line of so many of our players doing their talking to the press then flopping on the main event.

The infamous one of recent times was the ridiculous arrogance last season pre-Parkhead of Fashion Sakala who ended up looking a complete fool after bigging himself up prematch before missing open goals and flubbing his lines several times.

This time Scott Wright has come out with the patter, showing without any doubt that some Rangers players are just plain stupid and don’t learn from past errors.

He said:

“We are confident. I think we are in a right good spot as a team in terms of momentum and the way we are playing. Sometimes these games are just flash in the pan and it is a case of who wants it more. These games are always so important for us as a team and we know how much it means for the fans as well. So, yeah, we will go into the game with confidence and take it as it comes.”

It’s a complete fabrication to say we’re playing well, we’re not, but then ‘them’ lot aren’t either, but it’s that repeated ‘confidence’ that irks us hugely.

Rangers have a poor record v Celtic in the past decade+ in the league matches which matter. Obviously 55 was productive, but aside that, Rangers haven’t beaten Celtic since August 2021 and while the Gerrard era did yield a few wins aside 55, overall the recent head to head favours Celtic.

So despite the improvement under Clement, Rangers and he flubbed our lines at Parkhead in December, and it’s a repeated pattern in recent years of improvement between Old Firms before facing Celtic brings Rangers and our fans back down to reality.

And Wright should be a tonne more humble about things given that track record.

Boasting of confidence isn’t a good idea, isn’t a wise move, and it’s the kind of stuff that our opponents will be quite happy to pin on their dressing room door.

We’re quite sure the usual ‘contrary’ types will defend his words, just like they defended Sakala’s. All we can say is we hope this ‘confidence’ is vindicated with a win and he’s not eating them after the match.

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