Rangers: Clement appears to dispute Jack Butland’s take on events

Rangers: Clement appears to dispute Jack Butland’s take on events
Rangers' English goalkeeper #01 Jack Butland celebrates at the end of the UEFA Europa League group C football match between Glasgow Rangers and Real Betis at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow, Scotland, on September 21, 2023. Glasgow Rangers won 1 - 0 against Real Betis. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Rangers manager Philippe Clement has somehow managed to criticise Jack Butland by suggesting the goalie’s view of the season ‘restarting’ now is ‘sh*t’.

In a complete mess of a press conference, the manager was referred to Butland’s comments and how he believes the season restarts now with 6 games ahead of us, but Clement dismissed it completely and called it literal ‘sh*t’, in surprising scenes of a manager a tad under pressure.

He said:

“I hope 8. But I only look at one game, Dundee. Like we’ve been doing all season and I hope Jack will do that also. Like the rest of the team. Because the moment you start to think about 6 or 8 or four weeks to go or five weeks to go and then it’s holiday then you become in the sh*t.”

So, not only is he basically dismissing Butland’s view as faecal matter, but he’s contradicting himself by referring to the 8 matches of a potential final in the Scottish Cup, ergo himself he’s looking at 8.

And of course, he let go a bit of a naughty word there in a presser via a sweary word, which itself we can forgive if it was just a single ‘indiscretion’ but Clement’s been guilty of a tonne of them lately in by a distance his worst period as Rangers manager.

But this one was a misguided comment which slightly, probably unintended, arguably slurs Butland, who reset the season and sees it now as a marathon of 6+ matches to the end.

Clement has been clear about one match at a time, we’ll give him that, but rejecting Butland a bit when Butland is actually being sensible to give the rest of the season a tabula rasa (clean slate) is a touch misguided.

Clement is allowed his own view, but he’s actually telling his player he isn’t, which is not a wise comment at the most valuable player in the squad.

Clement really isn’t carrying himself well at the moment, and we really hope the man, to quote our millions of readers, ‘gets a grip’ soon!

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