Big Phil goes back to October explaining he doesn’t know Rangers well enough

Big Phil goes back to October explaining he doesn’t know Rangers well enough
The manager didn't have a lot of good news injury-wise.

In yet another horrific presser from Rangers manager Philippe Clement, the Belgian boss dipped into the cliché box from when he first joined by claiming he’s in ‘observation’ mode.

After famously explaining when he joined that he was in ‘observation’ mode to find out who was good enough and who wasn’t he’s now explaining he’s in observation mode to find out who’s good enough and who isn’t.

In short, Philippe Clement seems to be no more clued up now than he was in the middle of October when he became manager.

Speaking before the Dundee presser, the boss said:

“It’s an interesting one again. So I will get to know the team again better to make the right decisions towards next season, it doesn’t mean it’s only about tomorrow.”

So, 5+ months apparently wasn’t enough to get some idea of what needed improvement, now he’s back in October’s ‘observation’ mode to figure it out.

If Clement at this point didn’t already knew ‘what the best decisions’ for next season were, we’re not sure he ever will.

It’s troubling, and it’s pretty evident the guy doesn’t really know what he’s doing now, after that sensational-seeming first 4+ months when he could seemingly do no wrong.

He’s spouting the same Beale-esque garbage these days into the press and demonstrating a rank lack of grasp of the club, the fans, and the situation he is now in.

He’s under pressure for the first time, and talking a load of absolute rubbish as a result.

With the near-certainty that Tav, Goldson and Barisic will probably start at Dundee, and that Balogun will be absent while Sterling probably sits on the bench twiddling his thumbs, we are already fearing the worst on what we know is a bad pitch.

And then for Clement to blame the pitch if we don’t get the result we need.

Sorry if we sound grumpy but he’s not giving us any more cause for optimism than his captain is.

Make us look silly tomorrow with a good performance and result, because Lord knows we need it.

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