Red tape gives Premier League Rangers target to Dundee

Red tape gives Premier League Rangers target to Dundee
Liverpool's Welsh defender Owen Beck jumps during a training session at their training ground in Liverpool, northwest England, on May 25, 2022, ahead of their UEFA Champions League final football match against Real Madrid on May 28. (Photo by Paul ELLIS / AFP) (Photo by PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)

In an extraordinary twist, while it doesn’t strictly affect Rangers, Dundee have confirmed the return of Liverpool’s Owen Beck, outstanding the first half of last season, following his initial recall to Anfield.

The Welsh LB had been subject to bids from both Rangers and Old Firm rivals Celtic, but Liverpool turned both of these down and weighed up options for him.

Beck was initially potentially being primed for the Liverpool senior team, being fairly-well developed now at 21, and had been excellent for Dundee in his half season at Dens.

Which means Rangers were interested in his services and enquired to Liverpool about a loan deal.

Liverpool refused, and then proceeded to put him on as a sub as a result of an injury to Curtis Jones – before Jurgen Klopp announced his imminent Anfield exit, everything changed and now Beck, with only Liverpool or Dundee as options, went with Dundee.

See, Liverpool wanted Beck getting first team football, and there was no guarantee of that at Rangers or them lot.

But at Dundee? 100%.

Liverpool were never giving Beck to either of the Old Firm, because they want him to play – he was superb last year at Dundee, and with his options gone thanks to Curtis Jones’ injury, he was left either having to fight for his place at Liverpool (basically impossible, he’s not that good) or come back to Dundee.

In case you don’t know, players can’t play for three clubs in one season, so when he came on for Liverpool, that was a club, and Dundee, obviously the other.

So Beck could only go back to Dundee.

Rangers have lost out on a very talented LB there, and Dundee have a player far better than they have any real right to have. Still, fair play to them, they’ll be thrilled to have a PL player in their squad.

Rangers’ left back situation remains tentative although some claim Jefte is a done deal.

We’ll see…

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