Overseas media are breaking all the Rangers stories now

Overseas media are breaking all the Rangers stories now
Mohamed Diomande looking very happy with the blue shirt of Rangers (Credit Rangers FC)

As Ibrox Noise discussed some weeks ago, Rangers have completely changed the way they operate in the transfer window, and while some might think we’re meaning the data approach, in this piece we’re actually meaning the media switch.

What are we on about? Let us explain…

Previous windows were filled with links to well-known fan media like 4lads and Heart & Hand, the board having let these guys know of imminent deals in order to leak them to the press etc.

That’s changed.

Now the only wind these groups (and ourselves) get of new signings is when overseas journalists break the stories thanks to THEIR local sources and information.

Jefte was broken by Italy’s Fabrizio Romano, Diomande was broken by Denmark-based journo Farzam Abolhosseini, while Cortes was revealed by Colombian media’s Julián Capera.

So while Rangers have completely shut down on leaking info out for their own part, they have no control over what agents and clubs with which we are doing business leak out, and in these cases it’s been 100%.

In each case, these journos got it before our own media and fan media, because they’re sourced locally to the deal, and they break it exclusively. That info then filters over here and hey presto, from ‘nowhere’ we’re signing a new player.

At that point it’s a 99% done deal and their local sources are 99% accurate – but Rangers didn’t tell anyone.

The only time Rangers tell the fan media is when the overseas media get wind of it and break it exclusively.

Then the cat is out of the bag, the deal is close to completion and our fan media like Ibrox Noise can now babble about it to our heart’s content.

It is the fallacy of some fans saying how Rangers keep in business in-house – yes they are, but they have no control over agents etc leaking the info to their own country’s press, and that still gets exposed.

The difference now is with Rangers not telling anyone they’re bidding on such and such player, it’s now overseas media who find out.

In truth, the news still breaks, just not by Rangers or Scottish media.

And that’s what changed.

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