Rangers shock as Ibrox club to spend £6M on Diomande

Rangers shock as Ibrox club to spend £6M on Diomande
EMPOLI, ITALY - MARCH 11: Sidibe Salif Kader of Empoli U19 in action during Viareggio Cup match between Empoli U19 and Nordsjaelland U19 on March 11, 2019 in Empoli, Italy. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)

Rangers fans have been left rocked this morning after ‘official’ confirmation the club will spend an initial £4.5M on Mohamed Diomande despite ‘having no money’ and being ‘unable to afford’ Lawrence Shankland.

It’s a very, very curious development today, that the club is paying an initial, yes, initial £4.5M for the Ivorian, and that will rise to £6M with addons, in what Danish press are calling the biggest value signing/trade/sale of their entire window.

What’s even more curious is Diomande’s contract expires this December, and this fee appears to be double his understood market value of around £3M.

Even more curiously, the fee has been confirmed by the club’s most official unofficial mouthpiece Rangers Review, so that is about as accurate as we’re ever going to need.

Which means it’s a massive signing, big money, and a tonne more than any sources were led to believe was available in January.

So with 12 months left on his deal, Rangers will pay that kind of money for him?

It seems odd, we admit it, it seems very odd.

Rangers are crying out for a striker, and instead Philippe Clement blows a massive wad of cash on a midfielder, the least important area of the pitch requiring upgrades?

Does this confirm once and for all that Rangers just aren’t interested in Shankland or indeed signing another striker?

Is Philippe Clement in fact happy with Dessers and Silva for the rest of the season?

We are very much chewing this revelation over as we speak, not wanting to jump to any immediate (wrong) conclusions, but does this suggest we have a LOT more money this window than we were led to believe?

We do not know.

The only fact we know is Rangers are spending £6M on Diomande.


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