Rangers need winger & striker but Diomande is quality

Rangers need winger & striker but Diomande is quality
EMPOLI, ITALY - MARCH 11: Sidibe Salif Kader of Empoli U19 in action during Viareggio Cup match between Empoli U19 and Nordsjaelland U19 on March 11, 2019 in Empoli, Italy. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)

We must admit a slight speck of confusion at Ibrox Noise over the all-new signing of Mohamed Diomande.

The lad looks like he can play, don’t get us wrong, but if there was any position Rangers really didn’t need new players for, it’s central midfield.

In a recent Ibrox Noise assessment, we deduced that a new defender and midfielder were ‘desirable’ but by no means critical, while the crucial ones were winger and striker.

Now, this signing definitely falls into ‘desirable’, a 22-year-old high stock Danish league standout CM who plays mostly on the left and offers flexibility in playing many of the other 6 or 7 positions in midfield/attack.

But it doesn’t particularly help Rangers’ striking or wing crisis.

In many ways our misgivings are hypocritical – he seems like a good player, we’ve been whining for new high-quality players, and his stock suggests he’s one of the best players in the Danish Superliga.

Indeed, transfermarkt’s values place him 22nd (£3M) with the most valuable at €11M in Rangers’ recent opponent Kamil Grabara. So it’s not a league filled with tonnes of expensive superstars, much like our own, in fairness.

Ergo the boy is a clear talent and the club may have done a great job finding him.

And that is how you get better. You acquire more and more high-quality players even if it’s in positions you’re well-stocked for. Depth and quality is what Rangers deserve.

But we cannot help noting how threadbare the attack is, and how little is being done to fix that.

Just two strikers, neither of whom are setting anyone’s heather alight, and much the same on the wings.

But if someone offers you a top quality player elsewhere, are you going to say no?

Diomande looks like he’ll be the second winter window signing.

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