Steven Davis deserves one last Rangers hurrah

Steven Davis deserves one last Rangers hurrah
Davo during his coaching spell (Credit Rangers FC)

Steven Davis’ position at Rangers has become prominent again in light of the recent progress report the former midfielder offered in an interview with the official club channel, and Ibrox Noise promised we’d cover this topic at some point today.

Where do things stand?

First off, he really did step up as an emergency when The Mick was fired, and formed a vital staff unit alongside Alex Rae and Steven Smith as interim coach. He came to his club’s aid when duty called. We are extremely grateful he was willing and able to do this. Some did tentatively suggest him as permanent manager, but they were speaking with their hearts and he was nowhere near ready for the task.

He was thrown in at the deep end and he did drown, but it was expected, and no one was judging him.

New manager Philippe Clement came in early October, being officially confirmed on the 15th, and kept Davis, Rae and Steven Smith in his coaching staff for the initial spell, but it was decided after two weeks that it wasn’t for Davis and he stepped down.

Now, of course, this is all in concert with the knee injury the boy has – he is currently in a great deal of pain, due to this injury, which took away his 2023 and threatens to end his career. Now, at 38 this isn’t as colossal a deal as it would be with a younger player, but Davo didn’t get a send off and he does deserve one.

So where is he now?

Put simply, he’s in limbo, unfortunately. He’s not focused on coaching at all, or management, and isn’t interested in that right now – he is desperately trying to get his knee back to some form of reliability, as things are he can’t even play a wee game of footie with his kids in the back garden.

Now, what’s his contract situation?

As far as we are aware, Rangers never did offer him a new deal – it was officially confirmed his situation would be monitored, but it never went beyond that.

The boy is not struggling for cash, so doesn’t need a wage, but is using the club’s medical and training facilities to try to rehabilitate himself.

And that’s his focus. He wants one last even brief spell of fitness to put in a match or two more (especially for his country) and he’s likely to bow out at that point.

The problem is his body isn’t playing ball with this.

As it is, he is just sticking with trying to get fit, until there comes a point when it’s not happening and he might require to hang the boots up.

He has taken such good care of himself in his career up till now, but this was a bad, bad injury and he’s struggling with it.

All we can do is cross our fingers that Davo can get fit enough to at least kick the ball professionally one last time for club and country.

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