Steven Davis is doing Rangers a solid, but he’s the wrong man at the wrong time

Steven Davis is doing Rangers a solid, but he’s the wrong man at the wrong time
He's doing his best but he's the wrong man.

Unfortunately the last person we really want to speak ill of, Steven Davis, has fallen into the James Tavernier and Mick trap of taking Rangers fans for fools, by claiming the visitors in Cyprus last night showed energy and he was happy with that side of things.

Speaking after the match, while he pointlessly ‘took responsibility’ (as if this is his team) for the result he also tried to claim he was content with the effort, despite the fact the side was abysmal and showed little heart, urgency or fight:

“In terms of the effort of the players, I thought they tried to keep going till the end and in terms of the energy they put in, I couldn’t ask for any more in that respect. There wasn’t a lack of effort, we’d never question that from the dressing room but it is a really difficult moment that everyone is in. When that happens you maybe start to make the wrong decision and things like that.”

Davis, clearly the wrong person to be leading the club right now, and only proves it further with the next quote:

“I take a lot of responsibility and I’m happy to do that. It’s my role and I’m in here to try and support the players as much as possible and give them the opportunity to try and get back to where we want to be.”

You’re ‘happy’ to do that? We know what he is trying to say there, but his wording is atrocious.

We are absolutely not criticising Steven Davis, just pointing out this appointment is as much not helping him as it isn’t helping the club. He’s done a big turn by bailing the club out of a tight spot at short notice, but it was an emergency appointment and he’s absolutely the wrong person even as an interim.

The board panicked, made a rash Rangersy appointment to tide us over, and now we pray they get it right when it comes to a permanent one.

Take your time guys, this season is already gone – this appointment is already for next season.

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