Rangers job – how close is Ibrox legend Steven Davis to the gig?

Rangers job – how close is Ibrox legend Steven Davis to the gig?
Davo during his coaching spell (Credit Rangers FC)

Is Steven Davis really ‘auditioning’ for the Rangers job? The Rangers legend will proudly lead his men out in Cyprus tomorrow night, and we hope you’ve read Ibrox Noise’s Derek’s tactical preview on this one, where he believes, as a result of the ‘unknown’ that Davo’s Rangers can take all three points.

But the bigger picture is not just this match – we aren’t expecting a massive amount from the travelling Rangers side, although there is good news on the personnel front – more on that one later… but rather, is Davo on any level a serious contender to actually take over?

Let’s be clear, Davis is every inch the kind of rookie Rangers have been hiring the past 12 years – in fact, of all of them, he’s the least experienced!

This is not only his first job as a ‘manager’, it’s his first coaching gig at all – even Steven Gerrard and Graeme Murty had more experience!

Not a dig at Davo, it’s just stating the facts – he was still regaining his fitness as a player when this call came, so as far as coaching goes, he’s a literal noob.

But that said, while Kyle Lafferty’s word isn’t worth all that much, something he said does strike a note:

“He won’t say much but when Steven does speak, everyone will sit up and take note.”

Now, compare that to the verbal diarrhoea The Mick came out with time and time again, and we feel like Davo’s approach will be a bit more like the kind of calm this club needs.

We’re not saying he’s the right man to take charge – but he’s a senior squad man and he is someone everyone hugely respects.

How seriously will they take him? That’s a good question. As player, they absolutely did – but he’s not exactly a tactical genius or suchlike as far as we know, and that’s just it, we just don’t know.

What we do know is players will want to please Davo – especially the ones who have been at Rangers for a while. He’s the kind of quiet man who players will want to make happy, and while the comparisons to Walter’s style are clearly over the top, nevertheless Davo played a LOT of football under Smith and he will have learned much from him.

It’s the land of the unknown, and it would be nice to see a Rangers side with the kind of energy painfully lacking this season.

If it makes Davo a contender for the job, we’ll see where it goes.

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  1. Every single one of us loves Davo, but getting the gig permanently is a no for me, I’m looking forward to seeing the line up for tomorrow, if Davo has real balls, he will drop those 2 failures in defence for us, that way he would get the fans behind him all the way, l beg for at least one manager to ditch those overpaid overrated pieces of dung at the back

  2. Hopefully not after that horror show tonight. WTF does everyone see in Tavernier and Goldson. Drop they two and that will help the team greatly.

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