Philippe Clement keeps Davo, Smith and Rae at Rangers – for now…

Philippe Clement keeps Davo, Smith and Rae at Rangers – for now…
Alex Rae looks set to get the job (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers manager Philippe Clement may just have chosen Steven Davis, Alex Rae and Steven Smith as his ‘Rangers Men’ on the coaching staff if the first training gallery from the new boss is anything to go by.

All three men, part of the club’s interim team for the small period the club was managerless, were present for duty at Auchenhowie with full training gear on, as PC himself was, ready for action.

As we reported, Davo, Rae and apparently Terry Butcher are/were in the frame for being the ‘Rangers Man’ assistant for Clement, but at the moment it remains Davo, Rae and Smith, with potentially the three of them guiding him for now until he makes a permanent appointment.


Quite possibly.

Clement won’t want to absolutely tear everything up on his first day, and is clearly consulting with the men already there in order to get a feel of the land, a lay of what the climate is.

He won’t rush into anything, and if Smith, Davis and Rae are to remain on the coaching staff for now to guide him, that’s certainly not a completely bad idea although we’re cautious of the ‘jobs for the boys’ stuff which may have Davo wanting his mates to play. Davis we’re not 100% in favour of being in this position given his potential biases. But that’s just us.

The boss may deem one or more surplus in time, and want to bring in someone he fits with better, or he may click with all three from the word go, we couldn’t possibly know at this point.

But it’s good to see a Rangers influence on the training pitch helping the new man following the absolute farce of The Mick and the backroom staff he had.

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