Rangers midfielder John Lundstram takes subtle dig at Michael Beale

Rangers midfielder John Lundstram takes subtle dig at Michael Beale
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 30: John Lundstram of Rangers applauds the fans after the team's defeat in the Scottish Cup Semi Final match between Rangers and Celtic at Hampden Park on April 30, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

John Lundstram has become yet the latest Rangers man following Antonio Colak, Leon Balogun and Philippe Clement himself to take a cryptic pot-shot at former manager Michael Beale, in what must be some of the strongest criticism of an ex-manager we’ve ever seen following the exit of a boss.

The midfielder, of course, was too polite to directly slur Beale, but could only talk about quite simply how much better Clement is in every department and how much the squad has benefited from his arrival.

He said:

“It’s hard to pinpoint one or two thing. It’s lots of different things and it’s hard to put your finger on. He’s just been really good and given the lads lots of confidence. We’re playing a bit wider with wingers, which helps the pressing side of things. I can’t speak highly enough of him. He’s come in and he’s really stamped his authority on the squad. It’s what we’ve needed.”

The biggest dig here is the subtle smear of Beale’s braindead tactics, or lack thereof, by trying to dump wingers and go central, whereas of course the simple act of reintroducing width has made the team sparkle again.

He goes on:

“He hasn’t pulled me aside individually. He hasn’t needed to. It’s more that he demands respect around the place. He’s an imposing figure and I think you have to be that as a manager. There’s a little bit of fear in there from him, which again you need. For me, it’s not been about being pulled aside. I just really respect him and he’s come in and given everyone a lift. If you have needed that arm around you, then he’s given that to players. Again, it’s a good sign.”

It’s almost like Clement actually knows what he’s doing. As Lunny puts it, the guy knows when to be angry and when to be your best mate. Which all great managers need to be able to do.

He adds:

“You’ve got to have both sides, haven’t you? You’ve got to have the arm round the shoulder, and you’ve got to be demanding and demand respect when it’s needed. He’s done both.”

Yes, yes you do. We don’t think any ex-boss actually had this since Walter, aside possibly Steven Gerrard and that’s just a piece of guesswork.

Lunny also mentions Clement’s ‘story’ which the Belgian has been pressing endlessly since he became manager:

“It’s about this story. He keeps going on about this story we’re building and it’s about putting all these little building blocks in place. You can see it coming together, probably faster than what he’s expected. But we have all bought into what he’s trying to implement and it’s working.”

It clearly is, and as Lunny says, only a few matches in and aside one poor display v Hearts, it’s been mighty successful thus far.

As we said when Antonio Colak criticised Beale, he wouldn’t be the last, and we’re seeing that transpire now. And more and more, the fallout continues.

What an appalling appointment that was.

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