Aberdeen fury as SPFL get into bed with Rangers

Aberdeen fury as SPFL get into bed with Rangers
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 05: A detailed view of the Viaplay Cup trophy is seen on a plinth prior to the Viaplay Cup Semi Final match between Heart of Midlothian and Rangers at Hampden Park on November 05, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The SPFL has confirmed, like the rest of us, that it hates Aberdeen, after confirming that contrary to most domestic cup finals, Rangers fans will be given significantly more tickets for the Hampden showpiece next month than Dons will.

Rangers will get fractionally under half Hampden’s full capacity, at 25,000 tickets, with the Pittodrie side getting a notably less 19,500 amid rage from sheep-filled corridors in the north of Scotland.

The reason given?

Rangers deserve it. That is literally the message the SPFL have offered Aberdeen, who have angrily protested this decision, but the powers-that-be in the annals of Hampden have decided Rangers are worth more.

They said:

“Deciding ticketing allocations for cup finals is always a challenging task, as more fans invariably want to attend than the stadium can accommodate. We take a range of factors into consideration, including the number of tickets each club sells in the semi-finals, as well as their historic ticket sales in any previous League Cup finals and semi-finals. In addition, the design of the stadium and its ability to split sections is a major factor which influences our decisions, together with input from safety and security authorities to ensure fan safety and appropriate segregation.”

This is corpo-talk for ‘Rangers deserved it and Aberdeen didn’t.’.

Furthermore, the biggest takeaway from all this is that the new Rangers regime headed by James Bisgrove did suggest one thing they were going to do was work on new relationships within Scottish football, with other clubs and the SPFL, and try to reach a lot more understanding.

This might be the first sign of such olive branches working and Rangers having a bit more influence at higher levels, now that we have a manager who knows what he’s doing, and a board that does likewise.

Keep it up!

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