Philippe Clement takes dig at Michael Beale amid Rangers mismanagement

Philippe Clement takes dig at Michael Beale amid Rangers mismanagement
Clement giving the latest bad news on injuries....

Hot on the heels of Antonio Colak and recently Leon Balogun, Rangers manager himself Philippe Clement has also taken a pot-shot at previous incumbent Michael Beale by slaughtering the utterly bewildering European squad the ex-manager selection for the Europa League.

As supporters are widely aware, Beale’s pick for Europe was ghastly, dumping Leon Balogun and Ridvan especially, leaving himself at the time, and now new boss Clement, absolutely no room for manoeuvre in an act of what the manager can only call a ‘puzzle’.

He said:

“We still miss a couple of players, we also miss some players that I cannot select on Thursday because they are not on the European list, that I didn’t make in the beginning of the season. It is again a puzzle and I expect everybody to be top because it is going to be a really hard game against Prague.”

While the first comment relates to the injuries, the second relates to the omissions, and both were appalling.

Thanks to Beale’s babbling ineptitude and those injuries, Rangers cannot call upon:

Leon Balogun, Ridvan Yilmaz, Rabbi Matondo and Kemar Roofe to name four major names that would have been of great use, particularly the first two.

The fact Beale put Roofe in despite his appalling injury history was yet another utter bum note from the ex-boss who seems to have been trying to make his successor’s life as hard as possible.

Even more curiously, Beale included Dujon Sterling, a player he himself barely touched for selection at all, in what can still really only be accused of being corporate sabotage at worst and ridiculous mismanagement at best.

We do look forward one day to Beale spilling all to Open Goal or suchlike and telling the truth about why he carried out the madness he did.

That might be worth a watch…

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