Is John Lundstram the most improved Ranger under Clement?

Is John Lundstram the most improved Ranger under Clement?
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 05: Kenneth Vargas of Heart of Midlothian and John Lundstram of Rangers battle for possession during the Viaplay Cup Semi Final match between Heart of Midlothian and Rangers at Hampden Park on November 05, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Former Rangers right-back-turned-pundit Alan Hutton was impressed by John Lundstram’s pace at Hampden yesterday, when the former Sheffield midfielder made a strong quick run to retrieve a ball in a direct leg race.

Only thing is, Ibrox Noise made mention of this a period ago, that Lunny, previously looking very sluggish and heavy legged, was starting to find pace we didn’t know he had.

And maybe 6 weeks later, he is outright beating opponents for pure horsepower when it comes down to it.

Indeed, is John Lundstram the most improved player under Philippe Clement?

Many are benefiting from the new boss; Tavernier, Wright and Danilo being just three, but Lundstram is a lad who was actually on the up before the Belgian took over – he was starting to finally rediscover a bit of his form from the run to Sevilla, after a long long spell in the doldrums.

And now? Now he’s tubthumping his way through midfield, through matches, and Ibrox Noise can’t remember the last time he scored less than 7/10 in ratings.

Lunny was always incredibly tidy with his passing, but when the form dipped, he did start to make quite a few errors, giving the ball away lazily and causing counters.

But these days, this manager is getting the best from him. Aside Rangers’ defenders v Dundee, no one matched him for touches, and his passing was among the best – he was giving a fair bit defensively too, albeit, as we said at the time, our midfield was dominating.

And that included him.

Lundstram, when he is in form, is a £10M+ player. He had that level of market value when we originally signed him from Sheffield – an experienced Premier League player, absolutely worth that money.

But Clement is getting that player back, and given just how reliable John Lundstram actually is, in many ways he’s one of Rangers’ most underrated players. Certainly one of the most underappreciated.

It’s good to see him back in full flow again.

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  1. I’d say Lunnys been our most consistent outfield player all season. He was being targeted a bit under Beales bullshitball, he was winning and intercepting the ball a lot, but having to play backwards or play shit sideways balls due to lack of movement around him, unlike under Clemente.
    I’ve always felt like Scott Wright has offered nothing other than an outlet getting us up the park winning fouls, other than his goal v Hearts in the Scottish Cup final. I still never seen a player there when Phil decided to play him in CM, but recently, he’s been looking like a player. Potential motm for me on Sunday, scored a beauty and won the free kick for Tav’s second within 10mins of coming on.
    Most improved player under Clement? Scott Wright for me!!

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