cinch at Ibrox? James Bisgrove offers SPFL a major Rangers olive branch

cinch at Ibrox? James Bisgrove offers SPFL a major Rangers olive branch
Rangers' boss trying to clear up a few things....

James Bisgrove’s meeting with SPFL chairman Murdoch Maclennan is the latest sign in Rangers waking up as a business and stopping playing to the galleries, while abandoning the pettiness of Douglas Park.

The main dispute between Rangers and the SPFL centres around cinch, and Rangers’ refusal to engage it.

The sight of Giovanni van Bronckhorst doing his media duties in front of a blank wall was just ridiculous, and Rangers, spurred by Park, claimed it was due to contractual clashing with pre-existing deals.

This was absolutely poppycock, and was based on nothing more than Park refusing to have a rival car dealership heavily promoted at Ibrox.

Rangers spun a claim about the amount the deal was worth, suggesting it was low ball and nowhere near enough, yet it was the highest amount in SPFL history and the club had no issue in the past with Ladbrokes or any other league sponsor.

No, this was all about Park’s Motor Group and refusing to advertise a rival.

New CEO Bisgrove’s meeting with MacLennan is a sign that Rangers are dumping such childish behaviour.

Like it or not, the SPFL and Scotland are where we play, and the more we fight with the authorities, the more difficult our club makes it for ourselves to progress.

Bisgrove recognises this, and one of the first things he did was that meeting with MacLennan – Bisgrove has been here four years and now understands Rangers, the Old Firm, and what Rangers is all about.

But primarily he’s a very, very good manager, organiser, and general businessman – he’s a top executive. He quickly recognised the importance of keeping the club’s ‘enemies’ close, for as much as we may dislike the SPFL, we’re on their turf unless we can find a way to get to England.

Until that day, Bisgrove is rightly trying to offer olive branches, after years of Dave King and Douglas Park’s petty feuding with everyone possible.

This is a new Rangers era, one in which we’re being running by wiser men.

And we’ll be all the better for it.

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