Rangers ready for major SPFL & UEFA influence as James Bisgrove steps up

Rangers ready for major SPFL & UEFA influence as James Bisgrove steps up
Rangers' boss trying to clear up a few things....

Rangers CEO James Bisgrove’s election onto the SPFL’s board marks a monumental sea-change for Scottish football, following the SPFL’s grovelling apology to Rangers over the cinch fiasco.

The new Rangers boss, who has frankly been stellar so far in his early weeks/months in office, finds himself now in the guts of the SPFL and able to influence directly affairs at that level, unlike Stewart Robertson who did absolutely nothing of any use in pretty much his entire time both on Rangers’ board and his brief tenures on the SPFL’s committee.

For the first time in an age, Rangers have an executive at the top of the Ibrox food chain who actually knows what he is doing – a chap who has laid outstanding groundwork in the commercial department, and following his being courted by other large groups in various industries, Rangers knew the only way to keep this guy at Rangers was by giving him the floor.

And that we have, in one of the best recent decisions made by the club – and now it’s led to a truly top-quality executive who got his bum on the SPFL’s seat, in place of his Celtic counterpart Michael Nicholson, incidentally, and can now have genuine influence at the top level of the Scottish game.

It doesn’t matter that Stewart Robertson had this position before, he was stunningly useless and spoke complete cobblers – costing Rangers £20M over Alfredo Morelos and appointing Pedro Caixinha pretty much summed up his tenure.

James Bisgrove, on the other hand, knows exactly what he is doing and comes from a superb background of commercial and management history with such companies as UEFA, Emirates, Betfair and TEAM. He’s been top everywhere he went and has incredible contacts, particularly in the European governing body where he was chief of controlling the entire commercial side of the Champions League then moved to TEAM where he still effectively did the same thing in concert with UEFA.

Now, we know it does sound like we’re blowing smoke up his rear end, and hey, maybe we are, but it is very rare in the past decade or two for Rangers to have this level of assurance in the boardroom at the top levels.

Therefore Bisgrove is someone who knows precisely what he’s doing (we’re saying that a lot) and can use the SPFL board position for Rangers’ best interests as opposed to SR who seemed to do little to nothing with the privilege.

And with his UEFA contacts, Bisgrove can certainly hold influence in that group which can only aid our club – think of the fact Peter Lawwell had his fingers in UEFA pies, well, Bisgrove now has our turn at the same thing.

It’s a massive step in the right direction, and we’ll see what comes of Bisgrove’s new position on the SPFL board.

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  1. Glad he got the votes required, thought the Cinch fiasco was going to scupper his chance.
    Definitely going to ruffle a lot of feathers.

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