Will Rangers coach Steven Davis have the balls to dump Tav & Goldson?

Will Rangers coach Steven Davis have the balls to dump Tav & Goldson?
Davois the interim coach at Rangers (Credit Rangers FC)

With interim coach Steven Davis and his new team behind him, will the new staff have the cajónes to finally drop James Tavernier and Connor Goldson?

See, it’s not all about these two, but a lot of it stems from the pair of them being immune to dropping, and it’s been the case under five managers now.

Indeed, one fan expressed five managers’ decisions as justification for why both players should remain, ironically overlooking that all five of those managers were fired bar Steven Gerrard.

James Tavernier and Connor Goldson have lost so many Rangers managers their jobs, yet the pair of them remain in their ivory towers without any accountability.

We’ve all seen the footage of Tavernier walking away from the fan who ranted at him – unlike Jack Butland who stood there and took it. For all the praise Tav (rightly or wrongly, he’s the captain) got for talking to the fans last season while his teammates avoided the flack, the real captain that he is was shown up as he avoided the chat big time.

Butland, however, did not.

The fact Tav not only stays captain but keeps his place is mind-boggling, and nothing will change for Rangers unless Davis and the new temporary team have the actual balls to dump him and Goldson.

We don’t think they will.

We think the two of them will remain untouchable for the rest of time, probably retiring with no further trophies but fat pay cheques and swelled bank accounts.

Ok, bit fatalistic there, but you get the point – if Davo and crew really want to get fans onside, Dujon Sterling will take Tavernier’s place and John Souttar will take Goldson’s. We’d dump Ben Davies hard as we could too but thanks to the Crazy Mick we don’t have anyone else in the European squad.

So unfortunately either Goldson or Davies WILL have to start on Thursday. There’s also no Ridvan either, the mental ex-manager thinking he wasn’t up to it.

We don’t expect anything from this European campaign thanks to Parkhead agent Mick absolutely wrecking everything in plain sight, but if Davis wants to put down a bit of a marker and get fans onside, he’d make a statement of dropping those two at the very least.

Will he have the balls? Probably not.

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