Rangers must never ever again appoint a managerial rookie

Rangers must never ever again appoint a managerial rookie
No more of these ever again Mr Rangers.

Rangers’ next managerial appointment is absolutely 100% critical. It’s one of the most important ones in the club’s history, alongside Walter himself in 2007.

Rangers, even including the patchwork of 55 under very strange circumstances of the pandemic, have been miles off it for 12 years, with Celtic dominating Scottish football.

It’s not just their wallet that has an advantage, it’s been their recruitment as manager that has absolutely crushed Rangers’ attempts, which have been absolute embarrassments.

Walter didn’t spend much back then, £2M on Kevin Thomson that January – and hey presto he and the free signings made Rangers overnight the best in Scotland. Walter knew what he was doing.

Celtic, hate them or loathe them, have always recruited well as managers – even the clown Deila kept them winning, and Lennon did too, aside from 55, of course. Rodgers, Angie and now Rodgers again – they’ve kept bringing in seasoned winners. Even Deila was a winner, Angie sure was.


Every single manager since Walter has been a rookie aside Gio, who of course gave us Sevilla and the cup. No club has ever got to the UEL final and won the league too, including Celtic, so dump the idea Gio flunked the league. He just couldn’t do both, it’s VERY hard to.

But the point? No more rookies. 100% a seasoned pro who knows how to win.

This next appointment is Rangers’ most important for 16 years, because despite the squad is a shambles, and the new manager will be given time, they must be the right guy who knows how to thrive under the pressure of must-win Ibrox.

We will support a good manager, a visionary manager, an experienced and safe pair of hands who has league titles under his belt and trophies.

Gio was perfect.

But we highly doubt we’ll see him in the dugout again.

No Duncan Fergusons, Barry Fergusons, Neil McCanns or Kevin Thomsons thank you, we need a top pro who has been there won it and bought the t-shirt.

We don’t expect Pep Guardiola but we deserve much better than a rookie who’s ‘cutting his managerial teeth’.

If we get one of those again, Ibrox Noise will be unable to support them. We outright protest that.

It’s not worked for 12 years and it won’t work now, and before you ask about Gerrard, it was a one-off which took HIM 3 years and £35M. And not a trophy aside that.

No, we need an experienced winner, maybe one who knows the club. Kevin Muscat is a possible, but there may be others.

But no more Michael Beales.


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