Rangers MUST break free of Tav, Goldson and Davies

Rangers MUST break free of Tav, Goldson and Davies
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 30: Connor Goldson (R) and Ben Davies of Rangers applaud the fans after the team's defeat in the Scottish Cup Semi Final match between Rangers and Celtic at Hampden Park on April 30, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

So just what DO James Tavernier, Connor Goldson and Ben Davies have on Rangers that no matter who is the manager, these League One level farce defenders keep their places above infinitely better stoppers?

Ever since Mark Warburton signed Tav in 2005, the RB basically has been ever-present, despite his clear limitations and poor quality.

Ever since Steven Gerrard signed Connor Goldson, the CB basically has been ever present, despite his limitations and poor quality.

Ever since Ross Wilson signed Ben Davies in 2022, the CB basically has been ever present, despite his limitations and poor quality.

In short, these three, somehow, have remained untouchable. If they were fit, they play. It doesn’t matter who is in charge, the only thing stopping any of these three playing is injury.

Borna Barisic does not have the same immunity – Ridvan has been playing on and off when fit as well, that one cycles a lot.

But the other three?

Forget Dujon Sterling, forget Leon Balogun, forget John Souttar.

It doesn’t matter how many goals Tav, Goldson and Davies ship, it doesn’t matter what they do wrong on the pitch, they keep their places.

Goldson, again, culpable for a goal – he admitted this one was on him for once, wow, after 5 years he finally takes responsibility for being a screw up. Bit late mate. But it’s happened countless times. And he is no longer Europa League level. If he ever even was. Thanks for Seville buddy.

As for Tav and Davies, they, like Goldson, possibly until the final straw last night, enjoyed an immunity from fans too, some fans who will back these losers until death. They won’t have a bad word said about them, and will always praise ‘my captain Tav’ or ‘the best defender we have Goldson’ et al.

It’s just ignoring the reality that for some reason, all three are immune. They cannot be dropped, they can do what they like, and just like Big Jig all those years ago, they will never, ever be held accountable by the manager, whoever he is.

Until the day Rangers are free of that trio, Pep Guardiola himself couldn’t fix this sh*tshow.

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  1. Totally totally been saying this for ages. They are the weak link. All cupable all crap soft and ineffective defenders. Just cause Tav can take a pen or free kick gives him no immunity. Leader he is not and never will be. Goldson gutless and soft. Davies just crap can’t believe his luck the wages he’s on and the club he’s at.

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