Rangers managerial hunt closes in on Frank Lampard

Rangers managerial hunt closes in on Frank Lampard
LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 28: Frank Lampard, manager of Chelsea applauds the crowd after the Premier League match between Chelsea FC and Newcastle United at Stamford Bridge on May 28, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images)

There’s a whole load of chaos in Rangers’ managerial hunt – the board are determined to get this appointment right, but one particular name is propping up again and again, and has confirmed he’s interested:

Frank Lampard.

From what we understand, CEO James Bisgrove is keen on Frank on two counts:

One, commercially the name would be as massive for Rangers as his old England sparring partner Steven Gerrard was. No question Frank Lampard would raise Rangers’ profile considerably, and the commercial rewards would be significant.

Two, a generally-understood belief from both Lampard and Rangers’ board that he is desperately keen to ‘right the wrongs’ of his disastrous managerial career thus far and show he is not a complete fail as a boss.

An interview is said to be underway today with the ex-Chelsea legend.

So we must make it clear – we do like Frank, most people like Frank, he’s a very popular chap in football, actually is a Rangers man second or third to his love for West Ham and Chelsea, and everyone wants him to succeed in the things he does.

So how good or bad is he?

Well, Ibrox Noise is going to be fair, and not slaughter the man, because we like him.

His time at Derby was a success – he missed out on promotion via the playoff final to Villa, and but for that, he’d have been promoted first time of asking. But the problem here is every Rangers match is double as pressured as any playoff final, and if he fell short there, he’s going to struggle at Ibrox. Championship is also well below the pressure of Ibrox.

Now, people point to what he did at Chelsea, and slaughter him there too – actually, he didn’t do half as bad as you think. Remember, he was manager when they had the transfer embargo so couldn’t sign a soul, and even despite that, his record in his first season was actually top 4. Easy to forget Lampard’s Chelsea finished in the Champions League spots. And he won 7 of 16 Champions League matches, drawing 4. Not really that horrible is it.

Even his following season wasn’t that bad, once the embargo was lifted, but they did crash and ended up 9th, before he was fired.

So, a basket case of a club, and he still managed 4th.

And Everton was absolutely the wrong club and he shouldn’t have gone there, simple as. Relegation dogfight isn’t for him.

We’re not as anti-Lampard as many are, once you dig forensically into performance and avoid prejudice based on reputation and a toxic spell at Everton, Lampard is actually nowhere near as rotten a boss as the press would have you believe.

Is he the right man for Rangers?

We’d still prefer Clement, but we admit Lampard isn’t as garbage as many want to believe.

Including, till we properly dug, ourselves.

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  1. There certainly would be a buzz about ibrox with Frank coming in,
    I thought he was an eastender supporter

  2. No no no no no no…. did l say no ?? Lamps would never succeed as manager for us, it took the scouser 3 seasons and a lot of dosh to win anything and Lamps would be a carbon copy of the man who left with tail between legs and as Novo says, Tav and Goldson would always be first pick like every other manager, so an absolute no for me, l would never support him coming to us

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