Rangers fans are loving Philippe Clement’s ‘four pillars’ of success

Rangers fans are loving Philippe Clement’s ‘four pillars’ of success
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 17: Philippe Clement poses for a photo as the new Rangers manager at Ibrox Stadium on October 17, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers fans are today loving new manager Philippe Clement’s four pillars of excellent, which is the boss’s goals at Ibrox and what he is determined to create.

Speaking at his first press conference amid his unveiling as boss, the Belgian laid down his plans for Rangers, and expressed four key areas he specifically wants to sort.

They are:

“I want to create here in the club the best technical team, the best tactical team, the best physical team, and the best mental team of the league.”

Technical, tactical, physical and mental.

Right now Rangers are missing all four of these for sure, and while one or two of them pop up now and then, overall the ambition is absolutely bang on and what our club needs certainly.


An understanding of being technical. How to use the ball, how to read players around you, how the flow works, linking play, and having an inherent ability to understand the ball intuitively. In short, the main quality of technical, of the best players, is to make the ball do the work for you.


This is understanding game design – whether it’s transitions, or movement, or formation switches, or counter-pressing or pushing – it’s understanding the ebb and flow of the read of the match and how to respond to setbacks, and push on from successes.


This is one Rangers have been desperately short on – fitness and physicality. Gone are the days Rangers bullied opponents, or the days when we were able to keep the fitness up for the 90 minutes. Nowadays there’s little power, and a lethargy. Clement aims to fix that.


How important is this one. Having the belief, the confidence in yourself, knowing that even if you fail now and then, you’re working hard and you will win eventually. Clement instilled that he needs players who aren’t afraid to fail, and who believe in their own selves to win. Try, try try again.

We like these four pillars – they are clearly the bedrock of Clement’s managerial philosophies. And in reality, Rangers are missing all of them.

Even getting one of these to work is a success at this point.

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