Do Rangers actually need a ‘Rangers minded’ assistant for Clement?

Do Rangers actually need a ‘Rangers minded’ assistant for Clement?
The new man may choose a wise number one (Credit Rangers FC)

Inspired by an Ibrox Noise regular, we at the site were extremely intrigued by his comment in lieu of the idea of a ‘Rangers-minded’ coaching assistant.

Now, this is a move we are, in theory, extremely in favour of, and the club is absolutely looking into adding one, but the gentleman did offer a very astute and observational spin on such an appointment, and we must admit we found ourselves accepting his point.

For all the ‘needs to know Rangers’ and ‘must be one of us to show Clement the ropes’ talk, being a Rangers-minded man far from guarantees success or even popularity.

Cases in point?

Ally McCoist and David Weir.

Two absolute legends of their playing days, respected and lauded by fans and considered extremely ‘Rangers minded’, certainly in the case of Ally, yet they struggled hugely in the management role, McCoist obviously 2012- and Weir as Warburton’s assistant from 2016 onwards.

So it doesn’t ‘go’ that a Rangers-minded assistant on the coaching staff is absolutely indispensable.

Indeed, since that idea surfaced, that we needed a Gers man in among the senior coaches, how many have we actually had aside Ally and Weir? Absolutely none. We obviously have had plenty of Rangers coaches throughout the system in Auchenhowie, the Stewarts, Steven Smith, Peter Lovenkrands back in the day, ditto Kevin Thomson, but none among the senior staff.

So we’ve had, aside those two, none. And it could be argued it didn’t work too well with either.

What the idea here is, is that just because you know the club and what it takes doesn’t mean you are automatically material to coach or even advise at Ibrox.

What would Barry Ferguson actually say? He, like McCann and a few other names mentioned, hasn’t been at Ibrox in a major capacity for decades, so aside ‘mate you got to win, up ra Gers’ we’re not quite sure what a Rangers-minded coach would add that one who isn’t would.

There’s no harm, of course, in a top coach who is added to Clement’s staff being Bluenose, but we guess there’s a context to add that it isn’t prerequisite to be such.

We need winners, coaches who know what that takes.

That’s what the most important thing to Rangers is, not how many Union Jacks you have in your bedroom or how many trophies you won at Ibrox in a completely different era.

One to ponder.

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