The three men in line to be Philippe Clement’s ‘Rangers man’ assistant

The three men in line to be Philippe Clement’s ‘Rangers man’ assistant
Davo during his coaching spell (Credit Rangers FC)

The Rangers-minded assistant is a thing and it is going to happen after new boss Philippe Clement insisted on having a coach on his staff who truly understands the club.

Sadly, it won’t be Thomas Buffel who has been extremely vocal in praising Rangers’ new manager, and course, knows Rangers very well indeed – he’s remaining with the Belgian FA.

Instead, it’s going to be one of three men by the looks of it, and none of them are called Neil McCann.

The three men Rangers are working on adding as permanent ‘Rangers Man’ to the coaching staff are:

Steven Davis, Alex Rae and Terry Butcher.

Clement considers it very important to have a man on his staff who knows the club, the fans, the expectations and the climate, and in truth, all three of these are extremely well-versed in this.

Yesterday we did discuss the potential lack of importance that maybe a Rangers-minded man on the staff actually could have, but in reality, it is what we all want to see – someone who gets Rangers and the context of what our club means, and can liaise with Clement to help him and guide him.

Crucially, Clement himself wants one – a Rangers man he can trust.

We believe Steven Davis may well be the front-runner at this point – he was prominent in Clement’s arrival at Ibrox, and has already spoken in depth to the new manager.

While previously we suggested this role would be ‘charity’ for Davo, and that he really still wants to keep playing, if this path is what he wants to do now, to be on Rangers’ staff and help the new manager settle, acclimatise and get sorted with Rangers, it’s not the worst move for sure.

Alex Rae is there too – he’s very much up to speed on this club, he’s absolutely one of us, and while we can’t say he speaks tremendously on his various punditry jobs, and is not really that much ‘better’ than Barry Ferguson, his heart is in the right place and he’s topical enough.

But the surprise name of course is Butcher. Terry Butcher became one of us in 1986 when he joined the Famous during that incredible time at Ibrox where Rangers became the UK’s biggest club.

While some have had a few grievances with him now and then, Ibrox Noise isn’t one of them – yes, his commentary back in the old ESPN and BT Sport days on Scottish football wasn’t the best, but there are few around with the absolute winners’ mentality that Butcher has.

The guy was born to win, and that bloodied shirt summed him up.

So ultimately we shall see who Clement opts for.

Maybe it’ll be announced today in the presser….

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