Mick Beale takes aim at Rangers fans with bitter swipe

Mick Beale takes aim at Rangers fans with bitter swipe
Thank goodness this fool is gone.

Michael Beale has hammered the final nail in his own Rangers coffin after admitting he couldn’t confirm if he was staying as Rangers manager, while criticising the fans for booing.

The surely-imminently-departing Ibrox boss, who lost the fans some time ago, was speaking post-match after the latest domestic debacle in Rangers’ diabolical loss to Aberdeen, and was unable to unable to say if he was remaining in post.

He then followed it up with a scathing aside to the fans arguing the supporters could ‘help more’ rather than boo.

This is on the back of his endorsing supporters expressing their opinion, as Sam Lammers did and agreed with, meaning we once again hear our manager saying one thing, then another, then saying one thing and doing another.

But taking aim at Rangers supporters is curtains for the man and having already lost most Ibrox fans for the best part of a few weeks if not longer, has ensured that Michael Beale has lost all of those who are unhappy with what we’re seeing and witnessing.

The way to win fans over isn’t by telling them off, given they pay the big bucks to watch the team play – and the play has been absolutely atrocious under this manager.

As soon as you criticise the support, the game is up – and while a tiny minority of fans will agree with him (around 4%) the majority definitely won’t.

Michael Beale has lost the fans and probably the dressing room, and it’s a matter of time before he’s lost his job too.

And we never endorse a man losing his job, ever, it’s not a nice thing to behold especially when it was the man’s dream job – but Michael Beale wasn’t ready for Rangers and shouldn’t have been offered it.

And we’ve barely ever touched on him plugging himself for the job while Giovanni van Bronckhorst was still on the Marble Staircase at the time…

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