Michael Beale’s number is up at Rangers – time to go

Michael Beale’s number is up at Rangers – time to go
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 21: Michael Beale, Manager of Rangers, reacts during the UEFA Europa League 2023/24 match between Rangers FC and Real Betis at Ibrox Stadium on September 21, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Michael Beale’s Rangers tenure is surely over after yet another abysmal club performance in which an horrific Aberdeen did a clinical number on the hosts and ran out deserved winners at Ibrox 1-3.

Following a mild stay of execution after a flattering 4-0 over third-bottom Livingston, there had been some modest hopes that possibly Beale was turning a corner, having not conceded a single goal in the prior three matches either, and managing a decent run of 4 wins.

Ibrox Noise conceded the performances were mostly atrocious, but we couldn’t argue with the results and the clean sheets.

That, sadly, came tumbling down as Jose Cifuentes lost his man in the box for Aberdeen’s opener, and while some might argue ‘against the run of play’, for all Rangers’ dominant possession, sadly once again there was no end product. Tippy-tappy play in one’s own half and the occasional tippy-tappy play around the opponent box isn’t quite effective dominance.

That led to the house of cards that is Michael Beale’s Rangers crashing down, as second-bottom Aberdeen not only took the lead, but looked more like extending it than Rangers equalising. Rangers pulled an undeserved goal back, but it was all too late, and Scott Wright’s second yellow only made things even worse before the visitors let the guillotine down with the third goal.

Michael Beale’s time at Ibrox is up. Few Rangers fans now believe in him aside the obligatory ‘give them a chance ffs’ brigade (which is a term Ibrox Noise penned and our wise readers have now realised is a thing, and have mostly distance themselves from such delusion in this case).

In a poll after full time 2,100+ fans were voting for his departure at the time of writing, just 40+ wanted to keep him – and that says it all.

We don’t think Beale’s a bad guy, he’s just the wrong guy, and a 7-point deficit and we’re not even in October says it all.

We’ll have a tonne more analysis of this one in due course, but it’s safe to say Michael Beale (should) be a goner.

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  1. Its time for Sterling, Balogun, Souttar, Ridvan defence. And we need to sign ANOTHER striker pronto, im not sure if theres any we can get on Bosman or out of contract. But we desp need another Striker or 2 even tho were loaded with them.

  2. Only one way this ends now . Its time the board admit they got the appointment wrong and do the right thing , get a proven coach not a rookie , break the bank if needed . How many points behind (7) is enough to finish his time here .

  3. Enough is enough ffs
    You need to go Michael its not working
    Its fkn embarrasing now beaten of the sheep at home geez fkn nightmare
    Get a grip ffs

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