Michael Beale sack: Rangers board with big call to make

Michael Beale sack: Rangers board with big call to make
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 03: Michael Beale, Manager of Rangers, reacts during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Celtic FC at Ibrox Stadium on September 03, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers face one heck of a dilemma now. While there are rumours swirling that Michael Beale has indeed been fired, we can’t verify that on Ibrox Noise.

But the board does has a call to make – Michael Beale was never their man, their choice, he was the choice of Ross Wilson, former Director of Football in Govan. The only two board members still there are John Bennett and Graeme Park, but the choice of Beale was endorsed by ex-chairman Douglas and former Managing Director Stewart Robertson.

But this board backed him, because he was the manager, whether right or wrong, and the board supports the manager, the way the previous manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst was not supported by the previous board.

Yes, Gio had some cash, but he didn’t get to use it – unless the readers reckon he wanted Ben Davies, Malik Tillman and Rabbi Matondo specifically?

Ross Wilson was asked about this, and he claimed Gio didn’t want any players from the Dutch market – which is of course utter twaddle. Plenty of great players there, plenty of dire ones too…

And while Rangers fans are decrying the Dutch league because it gave us Sam Lammers, Dessers and Danilo, in reality Rangers only signed that one player from the Eredivisie in the Brazilian – it was actually Serie A we plundered in Cremonese’s Cyriel Dessers and Atalanta’s Sam Lammers.

But this is getting away from the point, slightly. What’s past is past, and now Rangers’ board have a call to make.

Let the season become the bigger dumpster fire it currently threatens by leaving an incompetent manager in position, because it’s not exactly cheap to fire him, or take the expensive decision to give him the heave ho.

There are two rumours we’re aware of – that Wilson managed to secure a £500,000 dismissal clause with Beale that if it didn’t go well inside the first year, Rangers could relieve him of his duties at a total of half a million pounds, period, foregoing the rest of his contract.

The other is that this isn’t true, and Rangers will have to spend up to £4M to fire the man and his backroom staff.

Either way, it can’t go on – a 7-point deficit before we even hit October (happy October everyone) is probably the worst ‘proper’ Premiership Rangers performance in generations. That we’ve lost three matches and only aren’t 9 points behind thanks to St Johnstone of all things is truly pitiful.

We spent £16M this summer, more than any manager since Walter Smith in 2007-2010, and maybe even including, and all we have to show for it is a dire third place in the league.

So something has to give now. Because as things stand, this season is a burn out before it even started.

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  1. Look at the budget St Mirren have and even they’re ahead. Its also really annoying whenever we let someone go, sell someone, or in Lowrys case loan. There injuries clear up, they hit form. What are we gny do abt a Striker too. Roofes a right off, there is no point in him hes injured more than fit, Dessers footballing skills are disgusting, Lammers tries and can beat a man but again cant finish. And we have Danilo who might come gd, but also might not. So its possible we need 2 new strikers also. Our midfield are dropping like flies through injury. Or defence that every manager seems to constantly pick the serial losers in Goldson and Tav, and the last thing i’d like to get off my chest is strip Tav with Captaincy, and give it to Butland, Lundstrum, anyone who can bark and shout, because all Tav and Goldson do is blame each other or blame someone else.

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