96% of Rangers fans polled now want Michael Beale to leave

96% of Rangers fans polled now want Michael Beale to leave
Thank goodness this fool is gone.

Just 113 Rangers fans of 3640 asked so far actually want Michael Beale to remain Rangers manager, making an astonishing 96% of supporters polled as wanting the boss to leave.

It’s probably the most one-sided poll Ibrox Noise has ever run, we’ve seen numbers into the 80s many times, and even creaking into the 90s, but never before have we seen 96% for something even close to this gravity before, on a topic which could have been divisive.

It says it all that it’s only fractionally over one hundred fans of those asked who believe Beale should stay, making him officially the most unpopular Rangers manager we think we can ever remember, in terms of those who can be measured on a normal SPL Rangers basis, which therefore excludes Warburton, Murty, and even Caixinha.

If we scale it up, if only 4% of fans want Beale to stay, then that makes only 2032 fans at a full Ibrox would be in favour now of the boss remaining, which is not very endorsing of 50,817 total.

Beale is the wrong man at the wrong club – one fan suggested Rangers has come too early for him, and it’s not unfair to say that – that maybe one day a more experienced Michael Beale will be much stronger and capable of dealing with a club of the demands of Rangers.

But no matter what the reasons or wherefores or whyfores, Beale’s time in Govan is up, and it is now just a matter of time before the board make the call to relieve him of his position.

This is not us taking this lightly – Ibrox Noise endorsed Beale from the start too, and thought we had the right man, but of course we completely overrated his QPR performance and didn’t relate it to the pressure he’d have to tolerate at Rangers by comparison.

He’s utterly drowned, and he can’t even say his hands were tied – this is his team and it’s a screw up.

Time to end the man’s (and ours) suffering.

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