Interim manager Steven Davis leads the Rangers to Cyprus

Interim manager Steven Davis leads the Rangers to Cyprus
Davo leads the lads to Cyprus (Credit Rangers FC)

So it is with… we’re not even quite sure what, that we look to Thursday’s Europa League Group match with Aris as Steven Davis’ Rangers side travels out to Cyprus off the back of the end of the Mick’s absolutely horrific Rangers tenure.

The interim boss flanked by Alex Rae and Steven Smith in particular isn’t really under any major pressure at all by fans – he’s a well-loved and well-respected Ranger who is well and truly one of us and no one expects Rangers to turn over a completely new leaf under Davo, as nice as it would be.

We’d love him to dump the shysters and make major changes, but the reality is he almost certainly won’t, and his hands are a spot tied thanks to the Mick’s horrendous squad selection for Europe anyway.

What do we expect on Thursday? Honestly, not much – Davo says he wants to restore pride, but none of the players believe he’ll become new manager, and the existing system they’ve been ‘playing’ is still very much in the air, and what this shambolic squad was ‘built’ for, so Davo would have to find a way to find a completely new and working system in basically three days.

With a gaggle of badly-assembled and ill-fitting players.

Tough enough if you’re Pep, but if you’re a rookie boss thrust into the deep end without any preparation? Nearly impossible.

So we don’t expect much if anything on Thursday. The players might have a wee spot of energy, because another boss is gone and someone new is coming in for them to prospectively impress but we’re against a side in much the same position as ourselves – struggling, poor form, and midtable. But less is expected of Aris than typically of Rangers.

So it’s a weird one really. Obviously we’d love the win, but we don’t expect it – it’s not quite the cauldron of the Champions League, but it’s away in a top European competition for a side who have had a very poor start to the season and fired our manager 6 weeks in.

Best we can do is give Davo and the gang our backing and see how it goes, we guess.

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  1. Alex can set a team up hes managed before at St mirren and Dundee was it ? Cant remember the other team but at least weve got someone there whos actually been in management. Need someone in pronto.

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