How did Rangers get it so wrong with Michael Beale?

How did Rangers get it so wrong with Michael Beale?
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 09: Rangers director of football Ross Wilson is seen in the stands during the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and St. Mirren at Ibrox Stadium on August 09, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Willie Vass/Pool via Getty Images)

So yes, hands completely up. Regulars to Ibrox Noise will know we initially plugged Michael Beale as the right choice for Rangers manager, and we got it spectacularly wrong on that one, simply because we overlooked how raw he was, and how thriving for four months at low-pressure QPR is no preparation for high-pressure Rangers.

So yes, we were wrong. At the very start (we started having doubts quickly though).

But why did Rangers, particularly Ross Wilson, Stewart Robertson and Douglas Park, get it so wildly wrong with Beale when it was their paid jobs to get it right.

These were the board executives tasked with getting the right man – it was in their remit to get the right man. And they failed horribly here. Yet the same men brought in the right man in Giovanni van Bronckhorst, and failed disgracefully to support him.

So what went on here.

It’s simple with Beale – they went with the cheap and lazy option. They went with the obvious option, the one that wouldn’t cost a mega amount and which didn’t require much scouting at all.

On paper he looked perfect for the job, but when negotiations started with him, Rangers’ execs showed how poor they were, and how bad they were at separating bluff from sincerity.

Beale went in there and blagged his way to the job, fooling the idiots on Rangers’ former board with his fanciful jargon – no question he has the gift of the gab, and was able to manipulate the situation to his own ends.

He wanted the job, his dream job, and couldn’t believe it had come up so soon. He would do everything in his power to secure it. And a lot of bluster was included – like using a lot of nonsense in a job interview to try and sway the interviewers and winging it brilliantly.

In reality, Beale absolutely frauded his way into the job, and the muppets on Rangers’ board were completely hoodwinked by it.

They saw him as the easy option, and he saw his chance and took it. Who wouldn’t, in fairness.

So Rangers ended up with a second-hand car salesman as manager and now the squad and club are in a diabolical mess.

And an expensive one. We have better people in there now, Bisgrove and Bennett in particular, but they have to make the call on firing him at great expense and probably writing this season off.

And finding, properly, the right man to lead Rangers.

So how did we end up with Beale? Laziness, cheapness, and a lot of nonsense.

Well beneath Rangers Standards and thankfully the board members who brought him in are gone.

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  1. Yes he was the cheapest option & clearly a Boycie of the football world. We now need a professional manager who has the balls to drop the sh1t we brought in & certain players who have been here for ages & can’t/don’t do their job ( Goldson & Tav ) to name but a few , maybe there they have some sort of hold on the club .

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