Graeme Souness finally returns to Rangers on permanent basis

Graeme Souness finally returns to Rangers on permanent basis
LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 22: Sky Sports TV pundit and former footballer Graeme Souness reacts as he is interviewed during Day Ten of the 2020 William Hill World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace on December 22, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Alex Burstow/Getty Images)

Rangers’ board has finally woken up to Graeme Souness’ value following the appointment of Philippe Clement and are to install him permanently in an ‘advisory’ role.

Having been a huge part of the Belgian’s arrival in Govan, and a major reason the board said no to Frank Lampard, Souness is set to be permanently added to Rangers’ staff in a consultancy position which will help to offer his wisdom in various facets of the club.

Originally offered an ‘ambassadorial’ role, Souness understandably rejected it – posing with fans at media functions might be nice for some ex-players, but Rangers’ former player/manager wanted more influence and to be of a lot more practical use so it wasn’t for him.

He wasn’t going to be manager, wasn’t going to be Sporting Director either, and while we advocated a place on the board for him, this is actually even better.

In a consultant advisory capacity, Souness will have the unique position of overviewing the whole club – he’s an experienced guy and he absolutely knows what Rangers is all about, and by bringing him in in this way, Rangers get the best of all worlds.

It points to the difference between this board and the last one. The last board wouldn’t even have bothered with Souness, didn’t bother with any help or any club figures, and appointed Michael Beale not to mention Pedro.

But this board was eager to listen to Souness, made him a big part of the interview process and his input led to Clement.

Ergo, while he wasn’t interested in the ambassadorial role, the board did want to find a way to use him to help the club – and they have found that.

So welcome back Graeme Souness, and may your experience of this club help Philippe Clement and indeed the board steer in the right direction.

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