10 things Rangers fans learned at Philippe Clement’s first presser

10 things Rangers fans learned at Philippe Clement’s first presser
Clement won't be happy to lose yet another player....

Philippe Clement’s first pre-match press conference has gone down a treat with Rangers fans, and Ibrox Noise brings you some things we learned from the new manager as he begins life in earnest in the Govan hotseat:

1: He is VERY good with the press. For someone whose mother tongue isn’t English, he gives the press what they want without giving them more than they should get. Unlike Gio who gave nothing and Beale who gave far far too much, Clement gets a very good balance of giving out quality information but not state secrets.

2: He takes absolutely no nonsense. He has a bit of the ‘hard man’ look to him, and it comes across well in personality. Not strict for the sake of it, but a real steely exterior, with determination and focus. His media performances will not win matches, but his management will.

3: He offers no quick fix. He’s giving a real understanding of there being serious issues in this club, but gives glimmers of positivity as well – he’s being transparent to say he’s not going to solve this overnight, but he has a structured plan in place which may take time, but it will work if the players grasp it.

4: He’s absolutely scunnered by the injury chaos. He has never seen this before, not at Genk, not Club Brugge, not Monaco – the injury shambles Rangers go through this time of year is ridiculous and while these crises are also happening in England in the Premier League, it’s telling that they don’t on the continent. We look like we have the right man to resolve this.

5: Clement is changing the way this club operates. He’s going much more individual with his focus, and not collective. There’s no point telling a group of 5 men what to do – he is instead narrowing the focus and telling each of them in turn what to do. He is going to make each player feel like they matter.

6: He swore in the presser – clearly will be versed not to do that again, but we absolutely loved the mild sense of anger in his voice at such ‘stupid’ things in football, and a little bit of aggression well-placed goes a long way in this line of work.

7: He wants Jack Ryan out there. In truth, we’d take him as well.

8: He doesn’t care about Gio or Beale – he only cares about now. Isn’t interested in anything which came before, he’s truly a clean slate and everything about the club started on the day he arrived at training. It begins here.

9: He’s not throwing everything at the players at once. He’s going to spend each week going over each idea, and then in time the players will understand the whole picture. In his words, if you put everything in at the start, you’ll ‘kill’ the players.

10: He’s a cut above – everything about him screams of a guy who knows football, how to handle it, how to handle the people, and how to take it forward. Of course, we’ve heard ‘bluster’ and promises before, but there’s something infinitely more convincing about this guy.

There’s many more but that will do for now.

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