Rangers fans slaughter Tav for ‘indifferent’ response to new manager

Rangers fans slaughter Tav for ‘indifferent’ response to new manager
Tav didn't exactly look thrilled in this press conference....

In stark contrast to the new love-in for Rangers manager Philippe Clement, Rangers fans are slaughtering captain James Tavernier for what they deem a dreadful press conference from the armband wearer.

Casting a disinterested air about him, the captain did little to suggest he’s happy with the new manager, and Rangers supporters weren’t shy in calling it out.

Here’s a few of the comments:

“Jesus. What a shocker of a press conference. Where’s the positivity? Where’s the excitement? Where’s the desire? Oh and we’re not a team that “wants to be challenging”. We’re a team that wants to be winning. Winning everything.”

“Come on tav, I want to see heart , passion, desire and a real urgency tomorrow, get the 3 points and it’s a step in the right direction, onwards and upwards, I think this will be the start of a successful period for rangers , we’re lucky to have gotten clement WATP”

“Hopefully not many more games from Tav and we can move on and build for the future.”

“They read this give them comfidence they need it look at tavs eyes looked like was crying “

“It seems like you’re not too fussed about being captain tav, maybe it’s time you stepped aside and allowed someone who actually wants it to take the armband.”

“Well he has all but verbalised in this interview he is indifferent about being captain. Its not a criticism not everyone is cut out for it. Tav has always appeared to be a fairly docile character. We need someone that bleeds the club, demands more from everyone and feels our loses just as much as the fans. Trouble is im not sure that character exists in this current squad?”

“Agree with all comments. Strip this guy of the captaincy and remove all set pieces from him.”

And there were many more too – just one chap in support of him:

“Shame on you tav haters…shame on all of yous,,,have you ever wondered why he doesn’t look happy,,,you guys have slaughtered him every time he speaks,,,most of us will always support you James,,,what a buy for 250k”

Unfortunately the last chap probably isn’t speaking for the majority.

Well, we’ll see on the pitch just how Tavernier responds to the new manager, and if Clement isn’t happy with what he sees from him or anyone else, we’re sure there will be changes.

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