Rangers fans are unsure so far about new signing Cyriel Dessers

Rangers fans are unsure so far about new signing Cyriel Dessers
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JULY 26: Cyriel Dessers of Rangers during the pre-season friendly match between Rangers and Olympiaco at Ibrox Stadium on July 26, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

Of all the new signings this summer, the two attracting by far the most derision (unfairly or not) are Abdallah Sima and Cyriel Dessers.

Ibrox Noise will have a look at both players and see where we sum up their contributions thus far.

We’ll cover Sima in a later piece but we’ll begin with the Nigerian international and a very intriguing point one fan made last night – just like the man he replaced, Antonio Colak, Dessers has never settled for more than about one and a half seasons at any club in his entire career. He has been an absolute journeyman, being at 9 different clubs in 9 years. This is not a great omen if we’re honest, but then Colak was, as we say, also a bit like this and was sensational for us till it ‘went wrong’.

But this is neither here nor there. Dessers is here now, and there’s no doubt he’s not settled yet. He looks a bit lost/confused by the system, is heavy on his touch, and doesn’t seem too clinical. Antonio Colak was already kicking into gear in only his second match as a Rangers player.

It must also be remembered that during the best spell of his career, Heracles, he took about 6 matches to really get going with them, so this is still very early days.

Our general question is why sell Colak to replace with Dessers. That remains something which simply doesn’t add up – Colak was all ready to tear the SPL up and wanted to be at Rangers, but Beale was having none of it and added someone more expensive and who’d required settling time.

Why he did that we’ll never know.

So how do we assess Dessers’ form so far? He looks very fish out of water at the moment – there’s no cohesion and he’s not getting a lot of the ball. He spoke on arrival about being big on assists as well as goals but he doesn’t appear, yet, to have a lot of football intelligence with regards position. He’s not got the runs off the ball that Colak did, and the Croat was always able to find space with his movement.

Which is a huge thing England legend Gary Lineker mentioned, as we’ve hinted before – it’s not about missing, that doesn’t worry a striker, it’s about getting the shots in at all, because if you’re not getting those chances your movement is a concern. We hope that will come in time as Dessers settles.

He’s obviously not a dud, but he’s not gelled yet and he’s clearly a player who needs a bit of time.

Pity time isn’t abundant at Ibrox.

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  1. This stupid 4-3-3 system nobody seems to understand it let alone play it. Dessers looks awkward coz he like the rest have no idea what they are supposed to be doing. If Beale was the tactics man in Stevie G’s time wtf happened he is so one dimensional it is alarming. It’s not difficult for the opposition to close us down because our setup so transparent. No width, no ingenuity and no clue. 💙💙

  2. Correct Janiceblue no width no clue no plan. We need it to get fixed ASAP or the season is almost over . Livingston Servette Celtic and then it’s done unless we win all three . Brenda must be watching this with cash on the table with a smile on his face . Over to you Mr Beale.

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