Michael Beale and the Great Cyriel Dessers Antonio Colak Mystery

Michael Beale and the Great Cyriel Dessers Antonio Colak Mystery
Tony Colak celebrates v St Mirren (Credit Rangers FC)

We’ve been sitting on this one for a while now, and it’s bothering us, it is absolutely bothering us.

Why did Michael Beale dump Antonio Colak, refuse to play him, essentially perpetuating the idea that the type of striker Colak is, penalty box predator, does not fit into his game plan, sell him for £2.5M to Parma, then sign an exact replica in Cyriel Dessers for £3.5M more?

Colak, ready to go, fit, eager to play for Rangers, ready-made and goal-hungry, a proven scorer when given proper service, dumped at the first chance and first offer, sold for £2.5M, under the guise that Michael Beale ‘doesn’t like that kind of striker’.

Then Dessers comes in, looking every inch exactly the same sort of striker, for £6M, isolated, getting no service.

We’ve down £3.5M, and we’ve still got exactly the same theoretical striker, albeit one who is clearly miles behind the Scottish game and a bit down on fitness, whereas we could have kept Colak, ready to go, completely fit, already knows the players and the league and a proven scorer.

WHO DESPERATELY WANTED TO STAY? And it wouldn’t have cost us anything and we could have used that £6M for a defender or two.

This is the kind of logic with Michael Beale we are struggling with.

The man’s decisions have, 90%, been illogical, counterproductive, and in this case appears to have cost us a significant amount of cash.

This is not to say Dessers is a fail, it’s not an attack on the Nigerian. It’s a criticism on the logic of the manager who has spent £6M on replacing Colak with the same kind of striker.

Why bother? Why waste everyone’s time.

Or, are we just going to be honest and admit Michael Beale is another manager with his favourites? Who was deeply butthurt at his personal favourite Alfredo Morelos leaving and wasn’t ever going to admit Colak was a great alternative option, so sold him out of borderline spite just to get rid of players that would prove him wrong?

We’re reaching, we know, we’re just trying to fathom a legitimate reason why we have Dessers when Colak could just have stayed, scored, and saved us a lot of bother and money.

Answers on a postcard.

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  1. I agree selling Cloak was a mistake. It’s too early to judge Desserts. I was worried about yesterday after seeing the Olympians game. I’m more worried about the defence as we look a mess. Beale will not get much time if we bomb out of Europe

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