Eden Hazard to Rangers would be the most ridiculous signing

Eden Hazard to Rangers would be the most ridiculous signing
Belgium's forward #10 Eden Hazard attends a press conference at Salwa Beach, southwest of Doha on November 29, 2022, during the Qatar 2022 World Cup football tournament. (Photo by JACK GUEZ / AFP) (Photo by JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images)

Ok it’s time, and yes, we’re looking at this, and yes, it’s Eden Hazard to Rangers. We touched on this topic some months ago, a tongue-in-cheek look at the Belgian and his likelihood of joining Rangers.

As most fans know, the past 48 hours have seen a ‘bonkers’ rumour that the ex-Real Madrid and Chelsea winger was going to become a Rangers player, in a rather unsubstantiated story that some even credible websites, like Ibrox Noise, have actually taken slightly serious.

With a hint of a twinkle in their eye, we might add.

But taking off our cynical glasses for a second here, let’s not kid on that Eden Hazard to Rangers wouldn’t be the biggest signing the Scottish top flight has ever seen.

It would be bigger than Gazza, Laudrup, Barton, Keane over there (either one) and Ramsey put together – it would be a truly ridiculous name to get into Scottish football.

And of course, we all know his stock is rock-bottom right now, and there’s whispers London giants Crystal Palace are going to take a punt on him, but aside the Premier League (itself a fair carrot indeed) they can’t offer him Europe or the massive crowds a top 6 Premier League side can. Indeed, only City, Arsenal, Newcastle and Man Utd can actually offer crowds over 50,000, which excludes his former stomping ground Chelsea and indeed Liverpool. No one cares about Spurs however big their stadium is.

But only two clubs in Scotland can offer those crowds, and Europe – and only one of them has a good reputation in Europe.

Is there any real prospect of the 32-year-old trading the Bernabeu for Ibrox?

Well, he’s made his money in football, he’s a millionaire, and he had 5 years of free cash in Spain, so it’s not like he’d be coming to Rangers (or Palace) for the money.

But let’s be clear – if by some miracle Rangers actually were in for this guy, well, if we can even get half a season of football out of him, you’re talking a player who was briefly, slightly, just ever so momentarily the world’s best, just as he peaked at Chelsea and got his move to Real.

It’s banter – we can’t compete with Palace or indeed any PL side for wages, but if Hazard actually wants serious football again and continental opponents as opposed to the Crystals waving him out onto the pitch v Stoke every other week, then Rangers isn’t ridiculous.

He’s been a free agent since June, and is pondering his next move. He’s said to have turned down up to 10 clubs already – unlike Alfredo Morelos, he’s got major offers he’s said no to.

Are Rangers interested?

Well, Scott Wright does need some competition…

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