Rangers take big gamble after selling £2.5M Antonio Colak

Rangers take big gamble after selling £2.5M Antonio Colak
Antonio posing as a Parma player after securing his move.

So as we all know, Antonio Colak is officially a Parma player now, having exited Rangers for around £2.5M.

Michael Beale has also admitted that he just didn’t fancy the lad, just like he didn’t fancy Scott Arfield either.

Of course, Beale is never that direct, in this case he worded it thus:

“We initially had a conversation at the end of last season, where we discussed football, his family and also what the future would look like in terms of the team. Antonio was very honest on his side and we have been working with him and his agent in the following weeks to find a solution that suits all parties.”

This is Beale-talk for ‘I told him he wasn’t what I wanted, and he told me he’d have to leave then.’.

It boils down to Beale’s vision, what he wants from this Rangers side, and there are absolutely casualties along the way.

Players who are massively popular with fans like Scotty and ‘Tony’ have been the sacrifices here, for despite Colak’s evident qualities as a striker, Beale didn’t want the kind of striker he is.

Of course, the manager was absolutely gushing in his praise for Colak, wishing him the best and waxing lyrical about the Croat’s conduct, which is standard Beale fare of being overly nice after doing something ruthless.

Equally, if the potential replacement, Brazil’s Danilo has the same level of impact if not more, Rangers fans will give the signing and Colak’s exit their endorsement as the right call.

This is, after all, on Beale – he makes the calls and he will live and die by them.

If he dumps all of the fans’ favourite players and Rangers have a hell of a good season as a result, no one can complain.

But if Rangers have a duffer, it’s Beale’s head on the spike!

We, of course, wish Antonio Colak the absolute best at Parma, and will keep tabs on his career post-Rangers.

Sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be.

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