Bitter sweet Rangers exit for Antonio Colak for £2.5M

Bitter sweet Rangers exit for Antonio Colak for £2.5M
Looks like both are gone now....

So Antonio Colak finally gets his sad exit from Rangers, a £2.5M bid to Serie A giants Parma, our old friends from a halcyon age.

The German-born Croat can consider himself extremely unfortunate at Ibrox – it could never ever be said about Colak that ‘it just didn’t work out’ because it absolutely did – 10 goals in 10 matches at the start of his Ibrox career confirms that.

The boy was on fire.

But then he got injured and Rangers had a change of manager, and that was pretty much the end for ‘Tony’ as the boss likes to call him.

We really, really like Colak, and we feel he’s hard done by, but end of the day, it’s Michael Beale’s team and his decision, and he just doesn’t fancy the former Malmo man – he likes him and has time for him, but Colak won’t be a starter under Beale who likes zippy, quick, dynamic and strong strikers.

If there’s one thing we’d admit that Colak lacks, it’s pace – no coincidence that Sima, Lammers and Dessers are all pretty quick from what we’ve seen of them, and that’s something Beale wants.

Colak is a really hard-done by hitman – he was free scoring in Scotland, Croatia and Sweden, but every time he thinks he’s found a new home he can truly be happy in, something goes ‘wrong’ and he has to move again.

It’s bizarre – at one point last season only Erling Haaland was outscoring Colak, and not by much as it happens.

This was the best period of his career, and it’s been taken away from him – he was lava under Giovanni van Bronckhorst, but Michael Beale wasn’t interested. He just doesn’t fit the manager’s eye for a striker, and that’s that.

If Beale didn’t fancy Haaland, he’d be on the bench too.

Beale’s call is final.

If we go onto have a great season, his controversial decisions will be justified, so we await with baited breath for what develops over the next year.

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  1. Yup totally agree with this piece. It’s a shame for him seeing how hard he’s been training even on his honeymoon. Sadly football is also a business and selling him gives a profit that can be reinvested into bringing in others. Sorry to see him go.

  2. Good luck to him he’ll do well in Italy . Not the way Beale wants to both play and for fitness and physicality.

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