Rangers are getting it right as James Bisgroves rolls his sleeves up

Rangers are getting it right as James Bisgroves rolls his sleeves up
Rangers' boss trying to clear up a few things....

If there’s one thing which has punctuated Rangers regimes pretty much since 2012 (and earlier) it’s a lousy suit and board group. Even Dave King’s time at the club, while fortune-changing for sure, was not universally loved by fans, and a number of the things he did weren’t overly popular, such as refusing to put the club on any stock exchange and adding a director of football.

And since he left, while things seemed ok under interim then permanent chairman Douglas Park, the patchy performances on the park and lack of apparent cash off it made his regime eventually deeply disliked, with former Director of Football Ross Wilson and Managing Director Stewart Robertson huge targets for criticism and fan protests. The cinch farce was, and is an absolute disgrace.

A lot of this was down to appalling levels of fan engagement – in short there wasn’t any, and it was only in recent times that fan groups were allowed into press conferences to ask the manager of the time questions – at a cost, of course.

But times have RADICALLY changed under new CEO James Bisgrove, an appointment Ibrox Noise couldn’t have favoured more.

Even he was starting to get it in the neck from some of the boo boys back in his days in the commercial department, when in reality he’d done nothing but good and was the best thing on Rangers’ board by a mile.

So when he became CEO, Ibrox Noise was absolutely right behind that, and that makes him effectively the day-to-day running chief of the whole club.

And while we’re not going to list all the changes being made under his leadership, you’d have to be blind not to see the improvements taking place, and the infinitely more ‘in touch’ nature of the regime now.

Bisgrove was widely-blamed for the Old Firm ‘friendly’ fiasco, but the reason was simple – he didn’t really know Rangers, and his job was commercial; make money, in other words. And yes, that match would have brought in a tonne of cash, but of course, he didn’t know how staggeringly unique Rangers Celtic is, and how it’s the only rivalry in the world that can’t be used commercially in this way. Even Barca and Real would play each other in USA if some summer tournament wanted them in at lucrative cost.

But all the money in the world wouldn’t attract Rangers or Celtic to have a ‘friendly’ (bear in mind Celtic were already part of this thing which was in honour of Stavros, btw).

So Bisgrove, thrown to the wolves by the ****s on the board back then who didn’t bother to protect him over this error, and instead hurled him into the spotlight to take the flack on it, learned, and he learned fast.

He’s figured out quickly what Rangers fans want, and while we on Ibrox Noise and many of our readers don’t agree with the Broomloan decision he’s made, the majority of supporters appear to want that, so he’s going with the popular decision. And we’ll back whatever is for the good of the club.

But the fact is now we have probably about the best leader we could have hoped for, someone who’s already in tune with supporters, and who is about the sharpest mind we could have had as our boss.

The regime we now have off the pitch is a vast VAST improvement.

Now just to hope we can more signings in quickly eh!

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  1. This man is doing a great job as CEO . He talks so intelligently and passionately about the Famous. He understands financial opportunities and constraints at the same time and he knows how to use it. I am really excited about this coming season .

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