Rangers: James Tavernier and the megabucks Saudi bid

Rangers: James Tavernier and the megabucks Saudi bid
Tav the first back as always! (Credit Rangers FC)

This James Tavernier to Saudi Arabia story is the most telling at the moment, because unlike Fashion Sakala, for example, the club captain won’t be drawn on the topic, and is avoiding it entirely.

Indeed, aside the usual preseason publicity shots from Germany et al, Tavernier is pretty much avoiding contact right now, because while ‘transfer journalist’ Dean Jones is single-handedly pushing it through some clickbait sites, equally we do know Steven Gerrard is a gigantic admirer of Tavernier and has the budget to fund a bid if he wishes.

Whereas Sakala changed half of his social media to scrub Rangers out, Tavernier has remained stoic and coy on the topic, and we can’t help feeling if he gets the megabucks offer to move to Saudi Arabia at his age, with a massive chunk of change being given to Rangers for that signature, as well as hooking up with his old gaffer Stevie G, he’d absolutely take that.

Tavernier is already (inexplicably) in the Rangers Hall of Fame, and he’s done as much as he’s going to at Rangers. 2022 was the season to win the Europa League and it didn’t happen – he was completely found out in the Champions League, and the filthy lucre in the Middle East was even enough to tempt the already-rich Gerrard into switching Bootle for the oil hub.

Tavernier got 55 and the Scottish Cup – we can’t help but feel if an offer comes in, he’ll take it up.

Michael Beale has addressed it – he literally challenged Gerrard to offer something for Tavernier, with a hint of tongue-in-cheek but also deadpan seriousness – Beale would love the funds for the captain, and could easily ask for £10M for him from a club of the wealth as those in the Saudi league.

Ibrox Noise, as you probably realise, would happily ship the boy out to anyone given we are far from his biggest fans, but as for whether a bid is really coming in and Tavernier is really moving on, we couldn’t tell you.

Not even Tavernier himself knows.

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  1. You touched on this recently with your poll and i as you guys at IN know I love my Captain but hey if a good offer comes in for him there’s no room for sentimentality. He’s given 8 years let him go make some big bucks if that’s the way it plays out for him. 💙💙

  2. I think it was SG who said every player has a price when he was at ibrox,
    And if JT isnt talking about it then hes away

  3. Everyone has their price but knowing you’re gonna be playing in Europe every year should be enough for any player to stay .

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