Hibs’ humiliation is an absolute disgrace to Rangers & Scotland

Hibs’ humiliation is an absolute disgrace to Rangers & Scotland
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 15: Hibernian Manager Lee Johnson looks on during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Hibernian FC at on December 15, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Ibrox Noise was recently regaling you all with the impressive news that the Scottish Premiership is staggeringly close to the top five leagues in Europe, on coefficient admittedly, and purely on the strength of Rangers’ stunning European exploits of the past half decade, but nevertheless it is factually above many peer leagues we’d traditionally expect it to be on a par with or well below.

So with that in mind, Hibernian travelled to Andorra and got disgraced by some local sheep herders in what amounts to yet another humiliation for the Scottish Premiership in Europe!

The miracles Rangers have produced absolutely single-handedly to exalt Scotland into a position it completely doesn’t deserve, only for utter nuggets like Hibs to disgrace themselves at qualification rounds in the lowly Conference League absolutely infuriates us.

Sure, from a ‘bantz’ point of view it’s funny – we’re not fans of Hibs (unlike the editor of another leading Rangers group) and we wish for no success in Edinburgh at all, but factually speaking stuff like this and Celtic’s repeated humiliations not to mention Dundee Utd, Hearts and Aberdeen’s too does nothing but undermine and undo everything great Rangers have done for five years.

Ignore our horrendous Champions League campaign, Celtic were no better, and didn’t even get much for their two draws, while Rangers at least got yet more points for Scotland in the qualification rounds against big opponents.

And here go Hibs, screwing it all up by getting gubbed by Inter Testosterone or whatever they were called.

It’s diabolical – it’s why, despite our lofty position fooling everyone, Scotland’s Premiership is a disgusting backwater of a league, with only Rangers doing ourselves proud on the continent – everyone else has been a literal and humiliating disgrace.

It’s incredible that we’re a top 9 league, thanks to the Famous’ results in the past five seasons, and the even more ironic fact is everyone apart from Rangers in our league has benefited from it!

Celtic got a free group stage in the UCL to waste, and other sides have benefited from gaining UEL and Conference slots they’d never have got otherwise.

And they’ll waste those and absolutely wreck the coefficient again while Rangers can only sit there helplessly, taking care of ourselves at least.

Absolutely ridiculous.

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