SPFL shocker as Rangers’ create history for Scotland

SPFL shocker as Rangers’ create history for Scotland
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - AUGUST 07: A general view during the Scottish Communities League Cup First Round Match between Glasgow Rangers and East Fife at Ibrox Stadium on August 7, 2012 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Picture by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

For all the abuse we (rightly?) give the SPFL and its standing in world football, Scotland’s Premiership is officially now the world’s/Europe’s 9th best league.

Yes, most of this achievement, nay, 99% of this is down to how well Rangers have done in the Europa League the past five years, but it doesn’t change the facts.

Down to how well Rangers have done, Scotland is not just a top 10 European league but a top 9 one.

The best in Europe? In order, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, France, Portugal and Belgium.

That’s your top 8.

Scotland is 9th, which is a big deal, because despite us fans dismissing Rangers’ domestic league as a backwater, regardless of the reasons for it being otherwise, it clearly now isn’t.

The other big change in European leagues we talked about before was that Holland is now a top 5 league, taking France’s place. Not surprising given the mess in Ligue 1 these days with PSG a complete shambles.

Know what else is incredible? Scotland, again thanks to Rangers, isn’t even THAT far behind the top 5. Fifth place Holland have a ranking of 52.1, whereas Scotland are 30.4. For context, England are miles away at 88.9.

So thanks to Rangers, our domestic league is actually able to attract better quality players than it maybe used to be able to, especially in the days of Rangers not being in the top flight.

Would the Butlands and Dessers have come back in the day? Who knows, but thanks to where Rangers are and where, staggeringly, the SPL is these days, such players are willing to come here.

Celtic can also thank us, they do have more money than us yes, but the SPL isn’t the hellhole it once was and helps them attract better players now too – we might think it rubbish, but it’s the 9th best league in Europe, and that’s pretty staggering.

Who wouldn’t want to face St Mirren in Paisley on a wet Tuesday night in November…

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  1. These stats are distorted a little if without the Famous and that lot , Scottish Football in structure and as a place for upcoming young talent is a total joke. We don’t compete like those other leagues do in hardly any youth tournaments . Just look at the latest U21 Euros . Yes the OF is massive but the whole set up is only geared to win our league and hopefully get up the levels in Europe. Look at how those other leagues turn out player after player from age 9 in ability quality and unfortunately physical stature too. So yes good we made it to 9 , seriously look around at the shitty mess it is for kids youths and even those that don’t play for the OF.

    • True Bill, but bear in mind the same logic applies to ‘one club France’ who have PSG to thank for where they’ve been in the top five for the past decade. Without that side, they’d be a Belgium themselves.

  2. Granted guys but they do still turn out more than we do. You don’t really see any bigger teams queuing up to sign young Scots as they do young French .

  3. 9th,fk
    I better stop calling it the diddy league then
    🫡 come up to my place n live it up🇬🇧

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