Rumour: Rangers looking into major Ibrox sponsorship rename

Rumour: Rangers looking into major Ibrox sponsorship rename
Where are Rangers going now...

Whisper it, there’s a little rumour doing the rounds that new Rangers CEO James Bisgrove is working on a massive pioneering deal to finally, at long, long last, sponsor Ibrox with a lucrative renaming contract which could apparently earn the club around £10M a season for ten seasons.

Now those numbers seem feasible but equally that’s about the same as what the biggest deals in recent times have been, with the mighty Bayern coining in about £6M a year from their deal with Allianz, so we reckon the revenue reported might not be quite on the money, pun not intended, but the idea is.

The idea is that with a commercial guru like Bisgrove now installed as CEO, he is more than capable and willing to secure a vastly major stream of revenue like this, and with new commercial director Karim Virani now taking over Bisgrove’s old role, the club is taking very, very seriously major growth and new revenue streams.

So with that in mind, a stadium sponsorship and rename is not unlikely at all.

Already we do have partial sponsorship in Biowave’s brand all over the Copland and Broomie stands, but this would be a full rename even if fans still call it Ibrox. Of course they will.

There is no word on who the partner would be, but most fans wouldn’t care less what the stadium was commercially called – it’s still the Westfalenstadion for Dortmund even though it’s actually Signal Iduna Park these days. So that would be the same for Ibrox as well.

But yes, the club is said to be actively seeking a partner of this nature, a proper sponsorship and rename deal that will earn Rangers a heck of a nice side earner simply for changing the name in marketing material and having a logo on the roof!

So yes, gets our thumbs up. It’ll always be Ibrox.

Maybe Apple could help out and rename it iBrox?

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